Monday, March 31, 2008

Joy...and Peace

I am indeed, feel better. A bit ago, I came across a blog that I really love. She is quite amazing, definately someone whose life I would like to learn from. She has this Pride vs. Brokenness enrty that really touched me. It made things a lot more simple. It just awoken the joy that is deep in my heart, the joy that my pessimistic self tries to supress. AND THEN, oh goodness, and THEN, I found The Temple and I know I didn't necessarily take away exactly what she was saying, but I did have this revelation of sorts. I don't need to do some strict regimented diet, and I don't really need to run for 2 hours at the gym, what I need to do is learn to care for my body as if it were borrowed from God.'s a powerful concept for me. For me it's usually all abou tthe number on the scale. Weighing 7-8 times a day, weighing in the middle of the night, it's serious. It is not about that...and while it's oh so easy to say, I need to keep my focus on just caring for God's temple. So that is my goal for today. I am taking it one day at a time and I am hoping that the joy's of my heart will be fully restored to the front line!

This weekend we got to go to Will and KelliAnn's house for dinner. I think it is the first time since Solomons birth, almost two years ago, that we have gone to comeone's house for dinner who also has a child, or at all really (dad's house not counting). (Maybe once or twice, but I can't think of any really). It was SOOOO nice! Solomon did whomp poor 9 month old Kaitlyn on the nogging twice but other than that it was quite nice. We had a yummy dinner and I made the best brownies on the planet with the best frosting EVER!! It was just an all around good time. We kind of felt like adults again :)

In the oven right now, is a coffe cake from Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious cookbook. It looks fantastic, and in 30 mins we will see how it tastes. It has buttternut squash in it. I hope it's good!

Solomon and I are going to the library today for a tiny bit. He always freaks out there whenever I take him because there are these fountains there, with tons of kiddo's playing in then, and it seems as though ten million years of playing in them would never be enough for him! He always get's so mad when we leave! Hopefully not today...

Peace, peace be in my heart. Peace overflow to others. Peace be in our world. Peace be among friends, peace create friends here and internationally. Peace, be here.


KelliAnn Christensen said...

I'll have to look at those sites. What a healthy view on the whole issue of weight and food and such. Amber, I just love the kind of person you are. I showed Will your post about immunizations, and he said, "I just can't believe how deep she is. Most people you meet are just not like that." I have that Deceptively Delicious cookbook! I got it for Christmas, but I haven't made any of the recipes, yet.

KelliAnn Christensen said...

Amber, I finally got around to reading those blog posts, and WOW! I loved the one titled The Temple. I could not agree more. I know without a doubt that all things are spiritual, including the way I take care of my body. I actually felt encouraged instead of discouraged reading her post, and I feel maybe that is something I have been needing to hear actually.