Monday, March 17, 2008

Sadness, Sickness, Sweetness

Where do I start? Christine's memorial was Friday. It was quite possibly the worst thing ever...I mean it was a beautiful ceremony but it was horrible, sad, I cried the entire time. This woman, she got it! She understood what life was about. Truely, I feel that if she had another 5 minutes on this earth, she was be able to say, "No I don't really have any regrets." The testament of her life proclaimed this loudly. Her children, my friends, stood to talk about how if she say a homeless person she would rush to the grocery store, by them groceries and take them to the person, offer to take them to her house so that she could cook them a hot meal. She loved to paint and garden and cook.
Her best friend told this story: Christine came to visit me last year. Everyday I would come home from work and she would have dinner made from scratch. We would laugh and giggle like only girls can do. One evening I came home and my walk way was lined in purple pansies...they weren't there when I left. She met me at the door with that huge "Christine smile" on her face and said, "Come look in the back yard." She filled my backyard with tons of panies, lined my rose garden with panies and then said, "There is another surprise for you...but you wont know what it is until spring." Well it's yard is FULL of daffodils...and Christine is gone...but everytime I look out my window, she is there...I remember her.
I have a memory of Christine and the type of mother that she was. I remember her kids and my siblings and I were looking for some summer fun/trouble. She let us climb to the top of her massive old station wagon, slide down the wind shield and off the hood while someone was hosing it down to make it super slippery. What a parents would NEVER allow such fun. She cared for her kids in such a way that I want to follow...what an amazing woman. Lord let me never forget what an impact this has had on my life...never ever

I came down with a fever on Saturday. Will had Chiro Board Exams the entire weekend (boo hiss!!!) so Solomon and I went to church without him. On the drive hom my nose was running like crazy and I just felt like I got hit by a one hour I went from feeling fine to completely horrible. Sunday was a beast. I slept almost the whole day, but since I was with Solomon that wasn't a good thing...woopsie...I kept waking up in a complete panic...WHERE IS MY CHILD...whew...he is right there...not fun. I still feel not so good but I am hoping that it will clear by tomorrow...

Solomon has become a mocking bird. He repeats EVERYTHING...its a blast. He has been such a wonderful joy lately. He always is, but just extra funny and playful and fantastic. We are getting him the BPH-A free sippy cups and bottles...and I just got his BPH-A free binkies in the mail today, so I am excited about that...hopefully he likes them.

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