Monday, March 24, 2008

No Questions Asked

Today my mom came into our house and said to turn on NBC because they were doing a segment on vaccinations. So I, dragging my feet, sit to watch it with her. We chose not to vaccinate Solomon, which is the best choice for US. I know that, for the most part, parents do what they believe is best for them. I have no judgement or "tsk tsk finger" in anyone's face. We just decided that this was the best choice for OUR family. I don't want to get too high up on my soap box but my friend told me an aweful story, in tears. She is a tremendously strong woman, never to be bullied, for the most part. Her daughter just turned one and went in for the 12 month well baby check up...she let the Dr know that she didn't want to give her any shots...and there it began...She said that this happens everytime, but that this was the worst. The Dr all but wont let her leave until Her little girl gets them! She said she did a refresher and read up on all the facts and stats and as she is telling what she knows about them and what makes her uncomfortable about them, the Dr is just saying things like, "So you want to be the kind of parents who just depends on other parents to do their job and protect YOUR child by vaccinating thiers." What do you say to that??? She went on in a full blown debate with the Dr for over 15 minutes until said friend was in tears and surrendered to the brutality. She called me, in tears, saying that they got her again and she felt like such a failure. We talked about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that she either wont go to the Dr any more or will DEFINATELY get a new Dr.

Is this the place that we have come to in our world? People are not supposed to ask questions? I mean that is just terrible. If said friend wanted vaccines for her child, all the power to her, but if she has questions and feels stongly about this, this is HER child, and she should have the right to say whether or not she wants something for her. People are often times shocked when we are (rarely) at the Dr and we say we do/don't want something that most people just follow without asking what its for or what the purpose is. It is my right to ask why you want to stick a needle into MY child with some unknown toxin...and if I cannot ask a question, that is just about the biggest red flag I have ever seen. I am not one of extreme's one way or the other...I mean if you will treat me poorly because of my opinion, because you are SO far one way, and do not give me a right to my own decisions, I feel there is something wrong taking place.

The NBC clip was an MD talking abou how vaccines are a must and "any good parent" would want them. She was for government mandating and manditory vaccines. However, she said, that a recent measles outbreak took place. 12 Children in San Diego, CA contracted the measles. 3 of them were vaccinated...WHY WOULD I DO THIS???? The wordage was what made me upset, "Mealses in RARE cases is DEADLY. If the other 9 children that WEREN'T vaccinated has been vaccinated, they might not have contracted them." I am not trying to be polarizing or angry but ON WHAT PLANET DOES THIS MAKE SENSE???????

I should be able to ask questions. God gave me a brain, he gave me Solomon and told me that his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and if that is the case, I do and will continue to question everything that enters his tender little body. He is my gift, and I want to be responsible for caring for him to my fullest ability...and if this is the way I choose to do it, I feel that should be respected...I am with him 24 hours a day 7 days a week, every day of his life, and a Dr that sees him for 5 minutes may have extensive knowledge about a lot of things...he may have an opinion that I can respect...but if I do disagree with something, because I know my child FAR better than this "stranger" ever could, I expect to be offered the same respect. I offer this respect for every parent. I firmly believe that what I am do is right for Solomon...and I have lots of friends who have children, and they all make different decisions, but I believe they are doing what they think is best for there seems disrespectful not to.

There seems to be a theme in our world these days. If you question anything, you become a conspiracy theorist, a rebel, a freak, an outcast, gossiped about... But I feel that I can question what I need to question. Jesus was accused of doing all of those I think Im ok :)

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KelliAnn Christensen said...

Hi, Amber. I don't know if you want me posting on here, so if you don't, please let me know!! I promise I won't be offended. I love your blog! You are so passionate and honest. I especially enjoyed this particular post; I kind of want to send it to some people. :) Oh, and the middle picture of you and Will at the top is beautiful. I am serious. I think you look absolutely gorgeous.