Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gorgeousness and Stupidness

When is the last time you saw something this gorgeous???

So two little venting items....

Why is it that because a woman is pregnant, people think even rude things are ok to say? While I have to just sit there and nod and grin...

Does it seem fair for someone to say "Wow, you don't even look pregnant!!!"

REALLY??? I DON'T??? Well how do you know I am then??? I might just be a huge fat cow with a BIG 'OL pot belly!!!!!!!!! I LOOK pregnant your fool!!!! UGH!!!!!!

Or how about "Wow, you look ready to pop!!!!"

THANKS!!!!!! Because I wanted to make sure that I look SO large that getting any larger would make me explode!!! Im SOOOO glad you said that...because, you know, I don't know you, nor do I care what you think...RRRAAOOOOORRRR!!!!!!!!!

Keep your mouths shut people...if you want to ask when my due date is and then lie and say "wow you look great!" I can take that...but thats about all I want to hear from your pie hole!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My whole heart is begging for your prayers!!! Fall to your knees, before the God that is and always will be, and plead on behalf of baby Stellan and his family...Please...pray....

Details here

Prayers for Stellan

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Im quoting SoftLetters here...

"i've come to realize that i only love God as much as i love the person i love the least. i am to be an instrument of peace, of mercy, of community, of justice and guess what? hating people, even in a passive way, destroys that. there is no place for hate in a peacelover and there is no room for such darkness in someone who wishes to dwell in the light of the Lord. looking in a spiritual mirror is uncomfortable but time and experience has told me that the pain of dealing with myself, dying to myself to follow the Kingdom is exponentially rewarding."

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Most Dangerous States To Live in

Most Dangerous States...pretty interesting...never would have guessed.

No. 1: Nevada
For the sixth consecutive year, Nevada tops the rankings as the nation's Most Dangerous State.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 8
Burglary: 8
Murder: 6
Motor Vehicle Theft: 1
Rape: 7
Robbery: 1

No. 2: Louisiana
In 2007, Louisiana was only the 10th most dangerous state. In 2008, it climbed to No. 2 and this year it stays there. It has the highest murder rate of any state.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 2
Burglary: 3
Murder: 1
Motor Vehicle Theft: 17
Rape: 24
Robbery: 18

No. 3: South Carolina
Whatever happened to Southern hospitality? Sunny South Carolina is charged with the highest assault problem in the Most Dangerous States list Rankings in Crime (out of 50)
Assault: 1
Burglary: 4
Murder: 5
Motor Vehicle Theft: 14
Rape: 10
Robbery: 17

No. 4: New Mexico
New Mexico's coiffed tourist image of open desert spaces, Earth-conscious living and colorful hot-air balloons belie a serious crime problem in this border state.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 5
Burglary: 9
Murder: 4
Motor Vehicle Theft: 7
Rape: 2
Robbery: 22

No. 5: Florida
Oh, Florida! While you were the 9th most dangerous state last year, you jumped all the way to the 5th most dangerous for 2009.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 6
Burglary: 6
Murder: 12
Motor Vehicle Theft: 11
Rape: 20
Robbery: 3

No. 6: Tennessee (Nice Hannah..and you are going to raise kids there???? ;))
Tennessee residents might sing about love for country and neighbor, but lag behind in showing it. The state earns the No. 3 slot for most assaults.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 3
Burglary: 5
Murder: 15
Motor Vehicle Theft: 18
Rape: 17

No. 7: Alaska (not surprised, cough palin cough ;))
Alaska is plagued with having the highest number of rape cases. There could be a correlation with alcohol abuse, also known to plague the state.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 4
Burglary: 34
Murder: 15
Motor Vehicle Theft: 16
Rape: 1
Robbery: 34

No. 8: Arizona
Things are looking brighter in Arizona! Last year it made the top five most dangerous states, now it's down a few notches at No. 8.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 19
Burglary: 14
Murder: 8
Motor Vehicle Theft: 2
Rape: 32
Robbery: 14

No. 9: Maryland
Hugging the nation's high-crime capital, struggling to revitalize Baltimore and growing its gambling industry, Maryland has the second-highest murder and robbery rate.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 9
Burglary: 23
Murder: 2
Motor Vehicle Theft: 6
Rape: 45
Robbery: 2

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Health Screening

This weekend was our free health screening at the local mall. I was hesitant and nervous. Friday, we got there, set up and didn't exactly know where to start. Our kiosk was located right next to one of those SUPER annoying phone booths where the guys shout out annoying or obscene things to try to get you to switch phone services! So people were kind of annoyed passing them and were kinda hurrying passed us. Our goal for the entire weekend was to get 1 patient...and I have to was a HUGE sucess.
Friday, our wing of the mall had a power outage!!! So that was unfortunate. We still made 2 prepaid appointments for new patients and have a possible 3rd patient that had to go home and check her schedule. She is supposed to be calling the office Monday to set up an appointment. Saturday, we scheduled 4 new appointments and have a few other "potentials" that are supposed to call at another time. Today, we were there for 30 minutes and schedules 1 appt...but the whole mall was evacuated because of a bomb threat lol...see what happens when you move to a small town haha. We spoke with the mall manager and because of the chaos (power outage and bomb threat) we get to have another day at another time. So that will be another opportunity for us.
I am so proud of Will. Its a really frightening thing starting a business...I never imagined how scary it would be. Its hard because you feel rejected personally and just worried...but anyhow, it couldn't have gone is the handsome Doctor (and Wills brother Jordan who helped out thsi weekend too) in front of our kiosk.


The boys did a "my first gardening kit" today. Just some sunflowers. But we are actually on our way to the store to purchase our spring time planting needs. Im excited.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thinking, Love, Light and Gas

So Solomon found some of Wills old "just for looks" glasses...Solomon calls them his "cool glasses" and this face, his "thinking face." He does this really hilarious "hmmmmm" to go along with it...he is so darn handsome...

Here are Solomon and Jillian walking hand in hand to the park...they (meaning mostly Solomon) have their tiffs but they are such agood friends. I love watching our best friends child and our child play so nicely and love eachother so dearly... TOday we ran into Candice and Jillian at the mall and Jillian said "Hey Solomon...wacha doin'??" Its sooo sweet. Im so glad they are friends.

My light...basking in the sunshine.

So here in our state, we have these grocery stores that let you earn rewards when you spend money and swipe your rewards card...I earned myrewards and got an entirely free tank of that awesome or what?????

Friday, March 20, 2009

Nautral News.

I was email this by a friend...and its pretty stinking a very sick way.

If you talk to many people about health, medications, toxic chemicals and food, you'll quickly come to realize that most people have very little knowledge of reality in these areas. And yet, ignorance is often bliss because these people can just wolf down a cheeseburger, get vaccine shots, drink fluoridated water and take all sorts of toxic chemical medications without even a hint of concern (that is, until a few years later when all the toxic build-up starts to kill them).So as a public service to those individuals who might want to rid their minds of any knowledge of true health and live their lives as members of the ignorant masses (a la being "plugged back into the Matrix"), I've put together a mind wiping recipe that you can freely use to join the ranks of all the doctors, journalists, politicians and consumers who think there's nothing wrong with exposing yourself to an unlimited number of toxic chemicals from multiple sources.Just follow these simple directions and your mind will be wiped clean in no time:

Step 1:Stand in front of a mirror, with your hands placed calmly at your side.

Step 2:Look into the reflection and focus on your own eyes. Take three deep breaths to eliminate any tension.

Step 3:Repeat the following mantras three times each:

"America has the best health care in the world."

"The FDA is my friend."

"Synthetic chemicals are good for me."

"Pharmaceuticals are priced in a fair way that helps drug companies afford to find new cures."

"Food comes from factories, not dirt."

"Food and drug corporations are looking out for my best interests."

"Vaccines protect me from evil germs."

"Fluoride is good for me."

"If we all would just buy more products that donate money to the Susan G. Komen pink ribbon cancer research fund, a cure for cancer would be readily found. (The only reason cancer hasn't been cured yet is because not enough people go shopping.)"

"The more pharmaceuticals I take, the healthier I will get."

"The human body only needs calories, not nutrition, to survive."

"My genes are faulty and I was born deficient in patented chemicals. These chemical imbalances must be corrected through pharmaceutical intervention."

"The sun is my enemy. I must fear it at all times."

"Dead, cooked foods are nutritional equivalent to live foods."

"There is no such thing as a dangerous ingredient in personal care products. If chemicals were dangerous, the FDA would never allow them to be used."

"My purpose in life is to conform to the wishes of authority figures."

"The planet is able to absorb an unlimited amount of pollution from human activity. There is no cause for concern."

"Global warming is a hoax. Human activity has no effect on the climate."

"Man has conquered nature. We no longer need to concern ourselves with learning from or protecting nature. Whatever we need can be invented in a lab."

"The way to prosperity requires the use of genetically-modified foods and patented seed technologies controlled by caring, compassionate corporations like Monsanto."

"Pregnancy is a disease requiring immediate medical intervention. Childbirth is an unnatural and traumatic experience necessitating urgent hospital care."

"Drug ads are a good source of information about health."

"Doctors are well informed about how to stay healthy."

"Medical schools teach doctors how to care for fellow human beings."

"Medical journals print only reliable, scientifically-validated information that can be counted on to be true. It's peer-reviewed, after all."

"Any surgery suggested by a surgeon must be medically necessary; otherwise he would not have suggested it."

"The foods I choose to eat have no effect whatsoever on my health outcome. Sickness or health is determined solely by luck or genes."

Step 4:Repeat these mantra until you have convinced yourself they are absolutely true. You now qualify to be a conventional doctor or a medical journal editor.

Step 5:Now that your mind is wiped clean, turn on the television and refill the empty spaces in your brain with TV programming. Pay special attention to the commercials, which will provide valuable information that you can really trust!

Those are the five simple steps. You are now ready to rejoin mainstream society where you can eat meals with your family without any hesitation about what's actually in the food. You can now shop for cosmetics at Wal-Mart, or eat beef jerky purchased at a Quick-Mart. You can eat cheeseburgers and milkshakes. No more worries!

Plug yourself back into the Matrix, and live out the rest of your life in a comfortable state of ignorant bliss. You will find lots of support from family and friends, by the way, who will greatly enjoy watching you become just as obese and diseased as they are!

By the way, after you've wiped your mind clean, don't forget to register to vote!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

5-6 Weeks...

My widwife just left our house. Good visit. Baby Girls head is down and in position. Her hearbeat was 144. Im measering perfectly. Blood pressure is perfect. Weight...bleck but it is what it is. We talked about emotional stablization. So...I will be getting some Pulsatilla 30c and mixing to tabs in a teeny bit of water...for vacillating emotions. Anyone who struggles with depression or emotioan unroar should also do this. (You can find it at Whole Foods or any other store that sells homeopathic meds). She suggested getting on red raspberry leaf capsules and to buy Dr Christophers PN6 herbs. Which I will be doing of course. Also, I haven't had enough Cal Mag so I need to go and get some.

Overall, it went pretty well. Feeling good. Felling lots of movement. Having lots of back pain which is to be expected since her head is in position...

Im getting excited. Still nervous...and we need to get on the whole "preparing our house for a baby" train...she will be here SO soon!!!!
Also, we have Will health screening tomorrow...pray we get some new patients out of this...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Delayed In Vegas

GRRRR....Will is delayed in Vegas...thankfully he was getting home in the middle of the night to start at least I can just go to sleep...and he will be here whenever he wakes me up!!!

Can't wait to smooch you baby!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

29 More Hours.

Will left for Salt Lake City on Thursday morning at 5:30 am...and I mis shim terribly...he gets home at 2 am Monday morning and I CANNOT wait unitl he gets here...gosh I miss him. And might I add, he will NEVER EVER EVER be gone this long again. It has been a horrible 4 days without him. Solomon and I take turns breaking down in tears and comforting one another. Poor little guy...It makes me realize just how much I adore Will...even though at times I could beat the hoohah out of him :) I just love him with my whole entire heart...

Come home safely my love!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Little Girl...

This pregnancy has flown by in so many ways. With Wills graduation, our cross country move and pretty much the busiest little toddler on the planet, all of a sudden, this little girl is almost here. I have struggled in ways that I didn't with Solomon. My emotions have been off the many rough days, major struggles with anxiety, depression and anger. I have also really been dealing with attaching to this baby. I have a lot of fear about mothering a little girl. I haven't been able to get very enthusiastic about this baby and I'm already feeling mommy guilt because of it. I do not have a good relationship with my own mother and I don't know what a mother/daughter love feels like. I say that for no other reason than my mom isn't capable of offering me that and that is just what it is...I have come to grips with that and we function accordingly. But I want more for my own daughter. I want her to feel as if she is the light of my life. I want her to feel good enough. I want her to feel beautiful. I want to be someone she can count on. I know I will fail at all of these many times but I at least know that this is what I want for my daughter.

There are a lot of things that make me nervous about having a little baby again...especially a girl. All of the things I have been feeling have been overshadowed by everything that is going on...and I have been feeling so much anticipation of having my sister come and live with us this summer that I am trying to just stop thinking of the negative things.

This little girl moves at least as much as Solomon...but I think a little more. At first (because Im such a darn pessamist) I just kept dreading having two wild children :). But one night I was just basking in her movement...and I really felt like God just picked me up and reminded me how this all started. It was purely His doing that this baby came down to us. And I knew knew knew that there was a baby waiting to come down to us...I could feel this child beckoning to us and was really disappointed that we didn't really try hard enough to get pregnant...I was THRILLED when I found out it had been enough...and then when I found out we were having a girl, I began to second guess what I had felt... All of that to she was thrashing around within me, I was reminded of those feelings from the very beginning...I was reminded that our family needs her and she needs us...we are a perfect fit for the other and I found such a peace about that.

We really enjoy our midwife and are hoping that our birth goes smoothly. Again, I am not really nervous and I feel more prepared for this birth that I did with Solomons...although I felt the same way before Solomons birth too haha. It is really nice having a health care professional who cares about what you want and actually cares about the health of your baby too...doesn't just spend every prenatal visit trying to figure out if something is wrong with the child or not. I feel bad for new moms. SO many mothers are scared in to doing things, whether by doctors, family or other moms...and they don't have to be. Christy is an avid voice for midwifery and mothers trusting God with their bodies...but she brought up a good point. Often ones faith in God kinda flies out the window during birth..."I can't do it" "My body doesn't work" "I don't do pain" and the truth is, apart from emergency cases (which we are lucky to have medical technology in those cases) God created our bodies to do this...he creaeted us for this...we work...our bodies aren't disfunctional whimpy nothings...they are strong powerhouses that are capable of giving our children everything they need from the very beginning. I don't say this with judgement or with eyes looking down on anyone...but I do think it is a scary time when we start putting more trust in man made medicine. One thing that I love about things like Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine, that it IS scriptural...Jesus himself practiced putting his hands on people and the power that the body has to restore and heal itself. It is encouraging to me. I have become some who basically doesn't trust the medical community at all...apart from emergencies (stitches, broken bones, real emergencies) because it has done nothing but make me sicker and unhealthy. As a mother, I wont have someone tell me what I HAVE to do in my birth...the tests I HAVE to have, the monitoring that I HAVE to have, the pointless IV's stuck in my arm for NO REASON, the ridiculous tests they want to perform on my newborn, the gunk they want to throw in my babies eyes, and the toxic waste they want to fill my babies bodies...I am their mother. God gave them to me. I am fully equppied to birth them and care for them and I will decide what goes in/on their bodies...not you!!! Again this isn't emergencies Im talking about...because that is where medicine has its place...but not in our every day lives. It does nothing but make us sicker. I am thankful for the choices I have...and hope that I always make the right ones.

Solomon seems to be bonding with his sister. And oh how sweet it is. He knows she lives in my belly for now...although he thinks more along the line of "in my belly button." He talks to her and hugs her and it is just the sweetest thing. The other day he was in the bathroom with me as I was about to shower. I had my clothes off and he looked and ran to me..."MY BABY!!!!" he said and grabbed my stomach. It was SUPER sweet. Two days ago we were napping and he woke up a little early for my liking so I just layed there with my eyes clothes. He started rubbing my face with his silky blanket (which is a rare treat because NO ONE touches his blanket). Then he lifted up my shirt and started rubbing it on my my stomach. I thought it was sweet...but I melted when he wispered "I just love my sister very very much." Awwwww...seriously...too much. I can't wait for him to meet her. It is going to be the sweetest thing ever.

We have everything but ONE box unloaded now, thanks to Aprils visit. (49 more days until she comes back!!!) So now we can start hanging things on the walls and really getting ready for this baby...its exciting and a whole gammet of emotions...pray for us as we prepare...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

BumGenius 3.0 Diaper Give Away

Win a free Bumgenius 3.0 Diaper! This is a valuable All-In-One cloth diaper that you can use for yourself or give as a gift to someone expecting a baby! Go check out Hot Belly Mama's Blog for details on how to win this wonderful All In One Cloth Diaper. Hot Belly Mama will announce the winner on March 30th, after her 30th birthday!

Here is the direct link to her blog:
Good luck!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Its Time...

I really don't know where to start on here. I feels so foreign to blog. I miss it, so much, but I truely just cannot find the time. Why? Why is that?

It may be because um, we are STILL unpacking. Its taken so long for us to get the guts up to pile on the credit card debt to get enough furniture to actually unpack all of our things...but it is official now...we have all the furniture that we need to store our things OUTSIDE of the boxes. So now we need to finish off the last 8 or so boxes that we have. We also have random things to do like hanging pictures/wall hangings and reorganizing certian things in the kids room and stuff...but I better get a move on' cause Im stinking 8 months pregnant oh how did this happen?

Also, I need a baby shower. its been really hard adjusting financially...and this is pretty person and I HATE when people play the poor card, but my goodness...Will needs patients...and SOON!!!! We sold all of the things we had for Solomon apart from his crib because of our limited space in California, so we have nothing. We have, for the most part, enough clothes (and I DO NOT want anyone to buy us clothes!!!!! Its a major pet peeve of mine) to get us through the first month or so...and we bought a baby bouncer and we have a play gym thing...but thats about baby shower anyone??? ;) Its will all work out

Will is still working for his dad, on salary, that is not that pretty much barely covers our bills...which in a way is good because it means Will has to get his butt out there and market like mad. He is doing a free spinal screening in two weeks so we are hoping that that gets at least a few patients for him. Next weekend he has a Chiropractic training seminar with his managment company in stinking Salt Lake City!!!! So Im alone with Solomon again...from Thursday to sad...Candice, I hope you're ready for some tag-along-ing ;)

Solomon is just a wild man!!! He has changed SO SO SO much. He is just this giant, chatty, brilliant, kid now. He is totally into "bad words." Ok seriously, every five seconds he says, "Mommy, can I say stupid? shut up? kill?" What the heck??? Where does he here this kind of stuff. It drives me insane. He is SOOO impressionable and his memory is impecable!!! He took a drum stick the other day. held it between his pointer finger and middle finger and started "smoking" with it...even tilting his head up as he "blew out"!!!!!! People...he is TWO!!!! I said, "Honey where did you see that." He said, "The man outside the grocery store." Wow...Also, tutoriffic is his favorite word...which in many ways is super cute. He says that whenever he farts..."Mommy, Im tutoriffic..." But the other day (and again I cringe yet kinda laugh cause its SO shocking) he said, "Mommy am I allowed to say 'holy crap'?" My eyes got huge and said, "Um no...that is not a nice word." He shruged and said, "Ok, I will just say 'holy tutoriffic crap'." I do not know where he gets this stuff. They certianly dont say it on Sesame Street, which is about all he watched (at our house at least!!!!). But I have a feeling taht certain teenage aunts and uncles with potty mouths play a big role in that!!!! Its kinda depressing as a mom, because I want to protect him for all the "yucky" things of the world...but I mean if I can't take him to the grocery store without him fully understanding smoking, then I can't really go anywhere...does any one elses kids talk like this???

In other Solomon news...he is so happy here. It is hard being away from loved ones but soooo much of me is so glad that we are here. He loves his room. He loves his house. He loves his yard. The air is soooo clean here...a child that used to have allergies just like has NONE!!!! (neither do I by the way) He loves "the forest", which is pretty much anywhere with trees and sticks...which he is obsessed with collecting. We do actually get to take forest walks...which um is just awesome!!! He is thriving and I truely couldn not be happier for him!

We have a GPS now which I got for my bday...and um I LOVE IT!!!! I can find my way places now...which I am SUPER excited about.

Pregnancy is flying by. Lots and lots of things have been going on within me, emotionally. I am starting to feel kind of uncomfortable in thsi chair though so I will save it for another blog...but here is a picture for the records :)

Oh...did I mention April and Brian are here...yeah I cannot be happier and I DO NOT want to think about next Wednesday when they leave me...and then Will leaves on Thursday...bleck...happy thoughts happy thoughts...