Friday, March 21, 2008

Cooking, Screaming and Atonement

Its been an interesting week. Solomon and I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods earlier this week. I needed to get some things to try out some new recipies and a whole new cook book that I got. It's fun yet very expensive to go get things like wheat germ and random spices and egg substitues (Solomon is allergic to eggs boo). So we made our way through the entire store and were walking through the "pharmacy" getting a few things and I ask the assistant there if they have Amlaki, something Will wanted me to check on and Solomon starts trying to get the womans attention, making little faces and noises and she says, "Well someone likes negative attention mommy." And was like, "He is saying hi." And she kind of snickers and rolls her eyes...thanks jerk! Ugh...seriously, why do people even talk? I mean if THIS is the kind of thing you are going to say to a complete stranger...SHUT IT!

Well we were almost home free, I needed to get stankin' goji berries and wouldn't you know it??? One of those carts with the kiddie car attached to it was in our isle, it was an hour past Solomon's naptime and he saw it and FREAKED OUT!!! Crying hysterially...and people were giving me looks and rolling there eyes and mouthing words like, "yikes" to me. WHAT THE HECK??? Solomon is SUCH a good boy and I cannot figure out WHY on earth people act this way...children are intitled to an outbreak here and just makes me so angry!

Will and I finally watched Atonement...while it was a decent movie, I do not see what all the fuss was about. I didn't think it was the fantastic movie everyone was was disappointing. I mean it was stilla good movie...I didn't waste 2 hours of my life, but I just didn't get it...I wanted so much more from it... (sorry Jen:( )

Well I really hope that Solomon comes out of his tantrum fest because today has been a NIGHTMARE!!!! He is jut a mess...not to mention he is still on this lame eating strike and I can hardly think of things to give me...and no Solomon In N Out fries are NOT A MEAL!!!! I am just a little near the endofmy rope today and I need some relaxing time I think...oh if only that ever existed!

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