Monday, September 29, 2008

Giving Away

I'm not sure of I shared about our toy give away. Solomon and I went through a lot of him toys and got ride of tons of them...but we didn't just give them away. We gave them to our friends Robert and Gertrude Sennyonjo who are the founders of Sammys Children Centre. They have three little boys, and are from Uganda. We also sent some to our Canadian/Tongan friends who live in Uganda to but they haven't received them yet. Robert sent us the pictures of his boys playing with the toys Solomon sent them and I thought I would share them because it made me so happy. Robert wrote saying that they were working on figuring out what to do with them and how to get them to work. Can you imagine not know how most of these work or turn them on? It's just fascinating to me...I mean, I lived there and I have seen it all...from really rich OC women spritzing little orphaned village kids with D&G Light Blue perfume, to people bring over snow gear to, yes the equator. People just don't know what goes on in other countries some times...and its an educational experience to say the least to see little 6 year olds with newborns strapped to their backs, walking on a road alone where there isn't an adult for at least 7 miles. I actually felt embarrassed at the amount of toys that we were giving away. It was a little humbling...and I wondered if they would wonder why we were sending toys instead of necessities like clothes...or maybe even school supplies. They seem to enjoy the gifts there...and here are the picture of Sammy, Steven and Silas to prove it.

If you'd like to donate anything to SCCI, PLEASE contact me. Or if you would like to sponsor a child (did I mention Robert was raised in an orphanage, so as an orphan himself, he has devoted his life to caring for orphans the way he was cared for...hence starting Sammy's Children Centre International.) I believe it only cost $20 a month...what an awesome opportunity to change the life of a child in this way! Let me know of visit the website

In other news, Solomon has been a complete tyrant!!! My bruiser! To his credit, because we are freshly potty trained, we haven't gone out much lately. Plus, Will had a schedule change, and even though it allows him to be home more, Solomon usually goes through an adjustment period when that this sort of thing happens. To add to it, Will and I both got this nasty flu that has been going around. I was layed out for 2 days with a fever and all...the topper was the migraine that came with it...lovely! The poor child has been a little neglected lately so I'm going to try and change that now that I am feeling better. At least make it out to Target or something like that. He was pounding on my sister, scratched her face, and bit her leg!!! What the heck??? He does NOT do those types of things ever!!

Can I just say that I am really happy that Survivor is on...hahaha...yes its STILL on, and I STILL love they finally brought it back to uh I HAVE to watch it!

Yikes...the bailout didn't pass. Part of me feels like this country could use a good cleansing, but it is going to be frightening...very frightening. I'm sure another version will pass though... Its crazy times people...deregulation brought us here and unless you want MORE of it, you might want to think about who you are voting for. Just for the record, John McCain is one of the biggest fans of deregulation...Again, frightening times.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome Baby Gabriel and Baby Brady

My sweet and incredible friend Candice, gave birth to her precious baby boy this morning @ 7:24, Gabriel Patrick 8lb 7oz. She was a champ!!! She pushed her little babe out in FOUR minutes!!!! Can you believe it!!!! Congratulations to Patrick, Candice and little Jillian on your new little love!!!

My other friend, Abby, who has been in labor since Tuesday also had her baby this morning somewhere in the 3am hour to little Brady Owen...I don't know details yet but am SO excited for both of my dear friends. Congratulations to Jonathon and Abby!!!

Apparently its a great day for having babies!!! My friend Amy just text to say her doula client is also in labor... How exciting!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BPA & Phthalate Free Pacifiers

My next child will be avoiding the Avent Pacifiers that Solomon well as the BPA loaded Avent bottles. We bought the Born Free bottles because they were most comperable to the Avent style...but I think for a second child, we would use either the BPA free Avent or Medela. Has anyone used the Medela bottles? I am a primary breastfeeder, but I did a lot of pumping due to a REALLY high production rate (I know it only makes it worse, but I could pump 16oz at a time, and the relief was worth it) so bottles happened...and if I could avoid it, I might, but if bottles were to happen a second time, I wouldn't be worried about it. Here is a list of BPA binkies...because in our house, we cannot live without them!! :)

I've copy and pasted this from how I love thee!!!)

BPA & Phthalate Free Pacifiers*
BornFree: BPA-Free Pacifier for Day and Night Use
Playtex: Playtex “Binky” (one piece silicone pacifier), Binky Most Like Mother Latex Pacifier, Binky Most Like Mother Silicone Pacifier, Binky Angled Pacifier, Ortho-Pro Pacifier
Gerber: NUK Original, NUK Classic, NUK Nautical
The First Years: Soothies Silicone Paci’s, Safe Comfort, Ultra Kip
Vice Versa Binky w/ Case
Natursutten Natural Rubber Paci
Evenflo: Mimi Soft Touch, Mimi Premium, Mimi Neo One-Piece, Vizion, Fuzion and Illuzion
Gumdrop Silicon Pacifiers
Happy Baby Soothers

Nutjob Update

So the video I posted here is no longer available...all of their videos have been pulled, unfortunately. But you can see them here on their website. Oh and while you are there, check out their creepy-ness!!!

While it is a MAJOR bummer than you can't see the video in all its is a funny clip of it...haha...and thank you The Way International...laughter is great medicine.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Friends And Moving Away

You know, being a mom has really dipped into my social life (har har har). It's true...all my friends are virtually gone. I have a few friends that I talk to on a regular basis here in Ca, but most have just kinda faded into the background, which I guess is to be expected. I still wish I had a few friends who I could hang out with during the week or on weekends with occasionally. More of a network for Solomon and I both...we recently joined a moms group and are attending our first meetup next week...hopefully it goes well. Im looking forward to getting out of the house with Solomon. Lately I have been feeling a little debilitated by my emotions. I've been just feeling low and anxious. I'm getting really sad about moving. While there are so many upsides to going, I am still quite sad about it. I'm just really dreading January 6th...saying good bye, to my dad, oh...and my sister. Tears...everytime I think about it they come. Am I cut out for this? Im so nervous. So much will be changing for us... I'm just really worried about the future. I know that I have a good God who takes care of me, always...but never the less, the knot is still here, in the pit of my stomach...and I'm just not sure what to do about it...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Its Been Awhile

Solomon just polished off the largest bowl of oatmeal I have ever made him. As soon as I poured it into his bowl I thought, "Oh no!! Thats way too much...what a waste!" He ate every bit and a little cup of soy

Lately things have been just off. Lots of things are going on, lots of changes, lots of different things taking place in our lives and its just made things a bit chaotic. The potty training was the killer for me. Staying home for a week and a half until we "got it" was pure torture! But I am really glad we did it the way we did. I didn't want us to have to drag it on for months. We wanted to devote all of our time to it for a short period of time, and then be able to carry on with life. I'm really glad that we did it this way too...because it worked!!! We have potty training down!!! woohoo!!! Cloth diapers are now a thing of the past! Well actually, he still wears them to bed, but still, you get what I mean :)

Now, big task number two. I have been talking about how we needed to eventually get Solomon off of his bottle. We were super strict about it. He never ever walked around with them, only had 3 oz unsweetened soy milk with 1 oz water before bed, and unfortunately, in the middle of the night...which he would still do the majority of the time. He always sat up with it, had his teeth brushed, and all that...we really were careful. Being AP's, we tried once before, which was a disaster, and Will and I just knew it wasn't time yet. We started with the nap time bottle about 3 weeks ago, and it went VERY smoothly. We waited until he stopped asking for it at nap time, and really got used to it, to venture out into the "no night time bottle" attempts...We started Monday...and let me tell you, our lives are TOTALLY different. It was PERFECT! We were ready, he was ready...and he is sleeping through the night!!!! I think a lot of his waking was due to him peeing like crazy, often times all over his sheets, and because of the cloth diapers, he could really feel it. Now he is waking up almost dry, and he's rested and happy...and so are his momma and daddy!!! I am so glad that we follow his lead and trust our intuition...its so much greater that way. As parents, we just really feel like there is no "age" or "time" for everyone. Every child is so different, and while there is so much pressure, doing what is right for Solomon, should be our ONLY priority!

So with no dipaers or bottles, it seems we have a full blown toddler on our hands. I must admit, I am a little sad. sad actually. My baby is just this brilliant, full on conversation having, nearly self sufficient child...and I just don't know when it happened! Sometimes, especially lately, I have been just breaking down crying at the thought of giving Solomon a sibling someday. Will it shake up his world, will he feel less important, will we have enough time to equally divide up between more than one child. Its seems just so overwhelming and with all the favortisim that went on in my family, I am just afraid that it will be so hard for me. I don't have to worry about it now, but its something that I am thinking about so much more now that Solomon is getting so much bigger so suddenly.

To add to his "big-ness" he sits in a chair and pretty much feeds himself now...Can't believe it!

Will is finally in his last week of home base clinic for this rotation...which will be nice to have his schedule be way more flexible...Im looking forward to seeing him more. We are going to Disneyland on friday...its a much needed family day. Im looking forward to it.

My aunt, Solomon and I have started walking in the mornings. She stops by once she drops David (my cousin) off at school. His school is really close to us, so we get to exercise a bit together now which is fun, and of course Solomon LOVES it, as he LOVES her.

I think that is pretty much the update as of to date. I haven't taken any recent pictures lately but hopefully I will be posting some soon...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Change

Well I would say we have made some serious progress with potty training. We have been out fo the house I think 3 times since last Monday and have been accident free. He still has a few accidents at home but it's usually when Im not paying attention. He has moved him very routine 9am poopy diaper to nap time, which is when he is in a diaper, so thats kinda of a bummer because I want him to start going on the toilet, but hey, it will happen eventually.

This morning Solomon and I were watching Sesame Street. One of the puppets, Baby Bear, has a pet parrot, Ralphie, who flew away. Baby Bear was trying to get him to fly back to him and was getting terribly sad over the loss of his bird. I was watching Solomon's face and he got really sad and his eyes got teary and he looked at me, and in completely meltdown fashion, being weeping while saying, "Momma Ralphie please come back." I was trying so hard not to laugh. I scooped him onto my lap and tried to comfort him but he was truely so devastated that I...are you ready...had to turn off Sesame Street!!! haha...poor little buddy!!! He is NOT the child that is scared of things or really gets upset often, after all his favorite character ever is the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz. But...Babt Bear losing his sweet Ralphie was too much for my sweet sensitive boy to handle. I had to do some major distraction in order to calm him down...and did keep switching the TV back on so that Solomon could, at last see, that Ralphie came back...

I can't remember if I have mentioned this here, so I will just repeat myself in the cases that I have. We booked our (ONE WAY...gasp) plane tickets for January 6th. They wer eonly $130 each. We have our mover reserved. Thats going to be about $1300. And then we have to figure out what we are going to do with our cars. We are going to sell Wills since its a 1993 Celica and don't know if it can survive a return to the frozen east coast. My car is a 2007 Accord that we are leasing, so we have to figure out what we are going to do...if we are able to take it to PA we have a car transporter lined we will see.

Will graduates on December 13th. I cannot believe it. We have been in CA together now for 4 years. 3 1/2 have been married years, and 2 and some months have been parenting years. All have been schooling years. I am so so so glad that it is almost over. It's frightening in many ways though. We got the loan summary...ugh...depressing...really really depressing. The payments are going to be about $1600 a month for about 7-8 years...maybe more. Its like we bought a house or two...only, we don't HAVE a house haha.

I have finally finished most of my sewing projects. I have sewn, and will hopefully get up on ETSY soon, two super cute shopping cart overs, and three nursing pillow covers. Im working on come curtians for Sara's little Bri's bedroom and a little girls dress that I hope will turn out pretty cute. I love sewing. I wish I had more time. I hope/think that when we move, I will be able to do it sewing machine will be in MY house rather than my moms.

I have some other things I want to share but Im just waiting for the right time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Miss

KelliAnn...she is the only one who ever comments me! Come back from Italy already!

oh and this...if you do not watch this you are missing out on the chance of a life time...
I swiped it from Slightly Crunchy and she puts is best..."This a a prime example of why people think Christians are nutjobs!!!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Too Tired

I am so tired. I want to blog...truely I do. I just don't have the energy...I want, make that NEED, way more sleep than I am getting. I really need acupuncture too. That always hels my sleepless nights...but that means I need a sitter...oh Dr Yu, can't you watch Solomon yourself while I am being treated??? haha

Hopefully I will update on the potty business soon!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I DESPISE Potty Training

AHH...Im going insane!!! Nap time takes a million hours to get here!!!

We decided that we are really going to work on potty training this week. I made a commitment to stay home monday-friday to work on this with monday morning I was regretting it. I think by 11 am, he had pooped on my carpet, in a corner where I didn't find it for some time after, gone pee on the floor 10 times, and been a complete pill!!!

Today is day 3 and Im close to losing it. Im really tired. Im not feeling that great and Solomon has to poop, but WONT!!! He keeps crying and saying "Owie!!! PEE!!!!" And we run to the toilet and he just wont go. I KNOW he isn't constipated. I doubled up on his probiotics and flax seed oil yesterday and today and I just do not know HOW he can possibly still be holding it in.

I feel like giving up...and I assure you, I would have, had I not seen an ounce of progress today. He did climb in his oven in his play kitchen and pee, but he has actually "TOLD" me that he has to go pee pee a few times today. I thought he wasn't getting it because I would always have to make him go to the bathroom and go (he goes every time I take him, by the way) but it seems today he is grasping it a wee bit (no pun intended haha) better than yesterday. It is extremely frustrating though...

So I am asking, does anyone have any advise? I need some. How did you potty train? What tips do you have for me? I need them!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

English Failure...

Actually, English was/is my favorite subject. I always have awesome grades...however, I always proof read, unlike with this blog. I jsut read my spill the beans blog and I sound like a total dufas!!! Geeze...I dont' actually talk like that!!! Just type like that.

I must remind myself, Solomon is obsessed with The Wizzard Of Oz. He wants to watch it all day and night. He sings all the song and does the little "yellow brick road skip" all over the house. It'st just the sweetest thing ever. He adores the movie!!!

Love It!