Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too Busy To Blog

Seriously...I have been running around like a maniac...

You see...Im due to have a baby at any second...and I still have things on my lists not crossed off!!! I started having contraction in the wee hours of April 19th and I went into a panic because the house was just NOT ready!!! haha...they only lasted three hours and then I went back to bed....AND woke up in TURBO GEAR the next day to get this house totally ready for baby girl.

We have done all of the organizing...feel free to look thru every cabinet, closet, drawer and is spick-n-span!!! And my wonderful neighbor, Lisa, gave us THE most amazing gift ever...did I metion it? Well if I did, I am mentioning it again...because it is THAT good. She is paying for house cleaners to come and clean my house from top to bottom....and not to worry...I have a list for them too.

We have a list of errands that need to be ran...and then...dun dun dun...we will be ALL set! Hopefully the final day will be friday...and then, the waiting can begin (but then I have to start maintaining...haha...does it ever end??? ;)

I hope to update soon...because I have SOOOOO much to talk about...but I have a feeling its going to be awhile...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Be Prepared And Thankful.

Today...we did some serious shopping. Some in store, some online.

First of all, we tried to stock up at Trader Joes (which is like 40 mins away!!!) We got lots of cooking supplies, lots of snacks and lots and lots of drinks. I wrote out a few weeks of meal plans because I don't want me, or whoever is cooking when this baby is born, to be scrambling for ideas. Anyway, Will and I both had TWO FULL CARTS!!!! A little embarassing...but our cabinets are bursting at the seams...and God is so so so so so good. We do not deserve this kind of food! Yet we somehow, have it.

Then...I came home and logged into my ebates account and went to town on and (who is, by the way, having an awesome sale on the new one size fuzzibunz!!!)

From Target, I got some curtians, and a few wall hangings for the living room....hoping that they look nice in there.

From I got one fuzzibunz diaper (light pink), 4 3.0 bum genius diapers (white, hot pink, kelly green and light green)and 6 liners.

From I for 3 fuzzibunz (orange, red and aqua), 8 liners and some more cloth wipes.

I have a pending order that Will needs to look over with me at for my birthing pool, hose and nozzle. And another one for a small bucket heater.

Tomorrow I have to go pick up my car seat that matches with Solomons old stroller. it has been discontinued but they are holding the last one for me at the store...woot.

I feel a little sick to my stomach spending all of this money, because we just don't have it...and just when I was about to hurl, Will calls me up to say that more patients signed up for care...YEAH BABY!!!! :) God is so good, all of the time...always...

Solomon is having a really hard time adjusting to NOT being sick. For a solid week, all he did was lay in bed, eat whatever he wanted (which was literally nothing...maybe a snack food here or there) and get pretty much everything he asked for (which again was hardly anything). So now that he needs to start playing again, using his imaginiation, eating meals, listening to us, NOT watch so much TV and not be carried everywhere...he is really meltdown. I feel bad but at the same time its just such annoying behavior and I really want my good listening little boy back. Hs has been a bit of a monster latey. I did have some sick pictures of him...tooo sweet not to post!

Dont mind the barf bowl
Also...did I mention his major head bonking from like 2 weeks ago???? Ok well he was belly laughing like Will and I had never ever heard before. I don't even remember what was so funny but he was just cracking up. Throwing his head back and doubling over...and in the middle of all the joy, he came from throwing his head back to doubling over right on the corner of the coffee table...he had a HUGE egg sized bump instantly on his forehead, and two weeks after he still has a bruise taking up half of his head. It was nasty!!! So anyway, (i think this is the first time that I have mentioned them) but we have these AWESOME neighbors. Lisa and her 8 year old daughter Madalena...and Madalena ADORES Solomon, and he her. So she came over and helped nurse him back to help. It was SOOOO cute.

We also made it out to the Zoo on Sunday, which was so much fun. Solomon had such a blast. It was the coolest zoo trip I've ever been to. The lions seriously roared like you'd never imagine...and the gorillas were pounding their chests. Its was so so so so so awesome. Our last zoo trip as a family of 3 no doubt...

My sister arrives on May 1st...and I have no clue how wonderful that is going to be...but it is going to be AWESOME! :) I cannot wait. We are supposed to have a baby shower on April 18th so hopefully we don't have a birth by then :) haha...especially because my midwife is in AZ till the 14th!!!!

Im thankful for a lot. And I don't say that enough...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

How Great Is Our God...

The last four days have been spent at sweet Solomon's side. He got the stomach flu and it has NOT been easy as his mother, watching it. Its seems trivial really. He vomited about 10 times on Monday. Tuesday he had a 103 fever with no throwing up or diarrhea. He didn't want to touch a toy, be in a lit room, watch any TV (which is EXTREMELY out of character...we have TV limits in our house and he pushes them EVERYDAY) or even move (also, extremely out of character). Wednesday was his weakest day. He had the worst diarrhea I hate to be gross, but it was like a force of nature I have never ever seen...and it was all water!!!! He couldn't get out of bed, or, brace yourself, its sad, even lift his little head. He slept for almost the entire day...and I had to carry him back and forth to the bathroom like 8 times at least. Yesterday evening he asked me for a waffle with peanut better, and while I knew it wouldn't be the easiest thing on his stomach, it had been days since he ate and I was willing to risk it. He ate the entire thing and drank some water...and right after that I started to see a little twinkle in his eyes. His fragile little voice started engaging me in conversation...I could tell we had reached a light in this tunnel. Today, he is still extremely weak...he can take a few wobbly steps but is still so stinking limp. He ate a few bites of waffle this morning, puked, and then ate a few more. He still has diarrhea and is definitely more of a grump than he has been in these past 4 days (which is a sign of improvement). I put him in the stroller for awhile and we walked. I cannot tell you (unless of course you live in somewhere that has all four seasons) what it is like to experience TRUE spring. The air is unlike ANYTHING I have ever breathed. The weather is AMAZING! I am so grateful. After our walk, we sat outside for a bit and painted. Here are some of my gorgeous sons shots.

Resembling somewhat of a grumpy little Andy Warhol

Um, do we LOVE the yellow aviators???? Yes, yes we do!!!

Deep in thought...what a masterpiece.

Solomon is currently napping and I am hoping and praying that this will all be over soon...

Which brings me to my heavy heart. Mckmama's blog is a place I have been frequenting lately for updates on little Stellan. Watching Solomon in pain, as minimal as a little ol' stomach flu, found me actually grateful. I knew it would pass. I knew he would be ok. I knew that soon, he would be his charming, stubborn wild little self...what a peace I had. What a sadness engulfed me, not even SLIGHTLY being able to fathom what Jennifer and the rest of Stellans family are going through. There are her posts where she is had it and she is pissed off (UH, RIGHTFULLY SO!!!!) but her theme is seeing the glory of the Lord rising around her. I don't know that I would ever be able to be in that place. She is a testament of the women God wants us all to be, of this I am sure...I am confident that she falls short on plenty of occasions, but what a witness to the fullness and faithfulness of the God of all that is. I am deeply grieved yet richly blessed by her current heart cried out to God, begging that He enact his will and offer strength for those to endure it...

How great is our everything.

(Side Note** Just started reading Death By Church: Rescuing Jesus From His Followers. By Mike Erre. should get it and read it...AWESOME! so far)