Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zoo Zoo Zoo

Solomon has been asking to go to the zoo lately. The weather has been so awful that we haven't been able to. (Plus it was closed). So finally last weekend. We got some sunshine and some none-freezing temperature so we headed. Our photos tell the story...

(Note: We spent 99% of the trip inside the aquarium.  If you cannot tell by the awe struck look on Solomons face, he is IN LOVE with sharks and divers.  When that diver waved to him, I thought he was going to apss out!!!  he was soooo excited!!!And all the phtos were taken with my cell phone so sorry if some are blurry.)

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Corin said...

He looks SO tall! And you look so beautiful my friend. Nice you guys got to all get out. I'm so sick of winter. Bring on the sunshine!