Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Like A Solid Rock I...


I saw her "stand" up in her crib about a week ago, but I thought that didn't really count because, I mean, after all, its about THE easiest place to stand up in. But last night, she did THIS!!! How did this happen people?? She is EIGHT MONTHS OLD!!!!! wow.

As most of you know, Shiloh was a perfect, freakishly angelic baby. Her second night at home I had to wake her up after 6 hours to nurse her. By two weeks old she was sleeping through the night and would sometimes even sleep in until 10am!!! She NEVER EVER EVER cried. Even when she was hungry, she'd just grunt a bit.

UNTIL...dun dun dun...

Five month birthday rolled around and she started waking up, two to three times a night!!! COME ON!!! That is a cruel joke! I feel like if I had been doing it all along, it wouldn't have been so bad but I thought I was out of the woods, and NO!

So, I started noticing that I could not have ANY caffeine, even decaf, because she is SO sensitive to it. Which is just wrong, since she is robbing me of so much sleep. Once I figured that out, she started, at least, going right back to sleep instead of staying awake for TWO HOURS!

Well...idiot admission is to follow.

I found these awesome stevia sweetened sodas. I grabbed the root beer flavor off the shelf d check it out. 0 calories, no caffeine, no sugar...AWESOME! So I try the root beer, love it. Go back for more flavors. COLA flavor!!! HEAVEN!!! I haven't drank soda in like 5 years but Shilohs pregnancy got me CRAVING Pepsi ALL of the time. And since it makes my insides rot, I try to avoid it :). So for the last month I have been having these Zevia Cola's. LOVE them. I don't have them everyday but about every other day or so, when we have them at home.

Shilohs sleep gets worse. I'm getting like 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep. I’m losing my mind. You know how sleeplessness makes you this super insane angry person? That was me. For WEEKS!

Last weekend we were with our lovely friends Candice and Patrick. I bring the sodas to share. Patrick takes one and he is checking out the ingredients. (here’s the kicker, be prepared)

"Wow...45 mgs of caffeine!" he says.

"WHAT??? They are caffeine free!!!"

I take the can in disbelief...OH.MY.GOSH!!! This is not even funny. That is MORE than a regular pepsi.


So stupid me, didn't (but I still swear I did!) check the Cola flavor and have been shooting my poor sweet and apparently tired child up with caffeine. Clearly I’m don’t with those. The night before last, she gave me perfect 4 hours stretches, and went right back to sleep. And last night...wait for it...

SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS STRAIGHT!!! Nursed, back to sleep, slept until EIGHT THIRTY!!! (which is like sleeping the day away from my kids who are up between 5-6 everyday.

Heaven, sleep is heavenly. I am soooo excited. I cannot believe I did this to her and myself, but here's to hoping to find sleep again :)


KelliAnn Christensen said...

Um, yeah, I can definitely sympathize with the sleep deprivation and such. I have been going crazy myself this past month or so. :) I am glad you figured out the caffeine thing. I can imagine you felt a little sheepish about thinking it was caffeine-free when it was really LOADED, but at least you know now and things can (hopefully) start getting better. Hurray for an eight-thirty wake-up time!!

Eli's Lids said...

OMGosh about the caffeine! Can you at least still have the root beer?
Love your new photos!

katie said...

THANK YOU for posting this!!! I haven't had soda in almost a week and Olivia has started sleeping better. I was drinking diet coke (gag) and was wondering why her daytime naps were so short. Since I got off the stuff she's been taking 1.5 hour naps. Woot woot!!