Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3's are WAY worse!!!

There is SO much truth to the whole "3's are WAY worse than the 2's."  I am basically going insane with Solomon.  He is just in this phase where I think I might let someone "borrow" him for a bit ;)  I really do not know how to maintain my composure with him most days.  The back talk, oh the back talk, how do I deal with this?  Do I seriously just make him sit in time out all day?  That is EXHAUSTING!  I'd almost rather our conversations go like the below example than sit him in timeout every time he opens his mouth. 
Me- "Solomon, please sit down at the table."
Solomon- "YOU sit down at the table!!!"

Also, listening?  I'm pretty sure that is extinct!  He is on his own timeline.  NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING, is done/said/heard when I speak.  Do you every just want to hold thier sholders and YELL YOUR BRAINS OUT so that the child finally HEARS you???  PLEASE CHILD!!!  LISTEN!!  What do I do???  I'm begging for help!

Still totally on the fence about home schooling.  I think we are going to have him finish out his year in his little 2 day a week, 2.5 hrs a day preschool and make our decesion about next year.  It's a little hard to make the decision when he and I are having trouble finding the same way length at the moment.

We made this together because, um, its been snowing for like 3 days!!!  SOOOO much fun!!!

The little snow devil ANGEL and I went out and had a BLAST playing in it. He was crawling around like an animal and we laid in it and made snow angels and had snowball fights until our cheeks were too frozen to do it anymore. It was SO much fun.

Weirdly enough though, the second we got back into the house, he was the ear-less-back-talk-king once more. So...I was think, along with this "phase" perhaps, he is getting some cabin fever??? We are sorta stuck inside what with the sub-zero-conditions outside and all. Even taking him to playdates isn't a great solution because he still does not listen to me and runs around like a mad beast! Maybe I just need, suck it up, brave the frigid elements, and get him OUTSIDE more. It's worth a try (more than you know). 

I'm seeking advise...leave some!!!


Amie said...

no advice here :( you know im going through the exact thing with Boston and I dont want to say it but 4 has been so much worse then 3 :( NOW im counting down till 5, haha, its gotta get better at some point, right??

anyway I say to you all the time but i'll say it again-you are doing an amazing job as a mother-when im losing my patience I think of you and your sweet voice saying things so calmly to Solomon when I just want to do exactly what you said and shake some sense into Boston...my patience is shot lately and im desperately trying to find it :(

You arent alone if that brings you any kind of comfort!

Your snow day looks like a BLAST!!! so much fun!!

Corin said...

You're definitely not alone. Dakota FULLY tests me to the limits many days. Her thing is running away. All.the.time. It's like she gets a power rush out of it, and it drives Dave and I CRAZY. We'll tell her, "Dakota, come back, that's too far..." And it's like she does not even flinch, just keeps on running. I'm going to start calling her Forest. Anyway, other than the running away, she does the normal not listening stuff too and that drives me nuts. Once I get to "that point", you know, the one you're talking about (I too feel like grabbing her by the shoulders), but, most the time, it sounds stupid but I heard it on Dr. Laura once and have done it ever since, I start singing. It totally distracts me, it gets me breathing again (because I'm sure you've noticed that you actually STOP breathing you get so stressed!) It totally helps! Because it also totally throws them for a loop! Either that or they get really mad and throw a total tantrum! Hahaha...I guess you have to take your chances! But it makes me feel like I have the power back, because it's like saying to them, "Your craziness it NOT going to effect me!"

I hope it gets better for you soon. Just a phase I'm sure, like always. You're a great mama. Just hang in there a little longer!


katie said...

Shhhhhhh don't tell me that three's are worse - I don't want to hear that right now. :)