Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching Up With Shiloh...

Its been too long.  I miss blogging.  The teeth have been taking a toll on my family and my sanity. 

Tooth #2 popped through today so I guess we will see if tonight is any better.  I picked up some homeopathic, fast acting, sleep aid from the health food will see how that works for the sleepless one.  The thing is, she goes to sleep and can't stay asleep.  She is waking up every 2-3 hours, nursing, and then (typically) going back to sleep with ease.  I'm convincing myself hoping, that once the teeth are in, she can fall back into a longer healthier sleep pattern.

I do get so upset at night.  She wakes up and I just get so angry at her.  But in the morning, when I've come to, haha, I see this face, and I almost forget all about it...well, when Im not falling asleep haha.

She is doing so many fun things.  She is babbling like crazy.  She is standing ALL of the time.  She attempted to climb the stairs, and by that I mean. she made it up one stair.  She is finally drinking a little from a sippy cup. 

She still doesn't eat a ton of food.  She rarely finishs a whole "jar" (sometimes we make our own baby food) but she does try just about anything.  Here is own home steamed/pureed organic butternut squash.

Shiloh LOVES the new kitchen that the Wansors gave her for Christmas.  She plays with it all of the time.  So does Solomon for that matter.  In fact, I'd say he thinks its his.

She is also waving and attemping saying "hi" it is soooo cute.  This video, however, is a little obnoxious. haha

All in all, Shiloh is such a sweet baby and I don't know what I would do with out her.  Perhaps sleep a little more...but I can live with that.

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