Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Day of T's

So its THURDAY.  One the way to peschool we got a flat TIRE in the snow which is a ton of fun.  Thankfully we were RIGHT by a TIRE place, so it was fixed in no time.  We even still made it to school.  Then, let me back up a little.  A year and 5 months ago, I stubbed my TOE at our old house, on our brick fireplace.  I thought it was going to be the death of me.  Well, over six months had passed and that toenail hadn't grown at all.  I started getting freaked out.  What had happened was the toenail broke off at the nail bed and a new nail started growning underneath the broken one.  Eventually they adhered to eachother and the old started to show itself.  We it is almsot completely grown out now but its deformed shaped gave me a HORRIBLE ingrown TOENAIL!!!  (i know, its disgusting, I cannot believe Im even saying this).  I was hysterically crying last night because the pain was unbarable.  Will had to get me upstairs.  I couldn't even cover it with a blanket to sleep because it intensified the pain.  I'm telling you, nautral childbirth had nothing on this pain!!!  So i broke down and went to the TOE doctor today.  He cut out about a third of my nail, all the way down to the nail bed and said (cover your eyes if you get squeemish) there was a big absess that he drained. (BLECK!!!!) Thank God I was completely numb.  There is A LOT of bleeding.  I keep having to add more to the dressing because of all the blood.  Nice huh?  So I'm hoping we had enough fun with anything involving the letter T today.

Also, there is supposed to be some HUG blizzard hitting us soon...lovely.  We have had six straight days of snow...looking forward to more!

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katie said...

When I was younger a friend of mine had the same thing happen to her. She had to soak her foot in warm salt water twice a day for like a week. She said it helped but it sorta reminded me of soup. LOL.

PS - I find it hilarious that my word verification is "clogred" hahahaha