Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just A Peek

Meet Reginold.  The camel. April got this for him way back in 2007 from Israel.  Suddenly, he is obsessed with it.  Reginold is the new bff.

Here is Solomon stealing his sisters purse.

And stealing a hug.

Little Buddy had some issues so we had to send him back to his creator for some repairing.  :(  Hurry back little buddy...we miss you!!!

Solomon has a camel...and I have a Koala.  I wear her non-stop.  She likes to get down and play for a while but then, she likes me to put the sling on and wear her while I do pretty much everything, including pee.

Will and I FINALLY got new uggs.  We now live somewhere that actually requires warm boots unlike in Southern California where we just wore them because we were cool.  Now they are cool, and funtional (but lets all be honest...we just got them because we're cool haha)

Jillian and Solomon in their obnixious hummers at toys'r'us.  Can't they have these things in a Pruis????

Don't let him fool you!  He is trouble!

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