Friday, January 8, 2010

A Year In Review

We moved from Southern California, to the icy tundra, that is the North East.
Solomon desperately misses his family as you can see. 
But at least Auntie April came to spend 2 weeks with us.  It was SO hard for us to say goodbye. 
Solomon got to really play in the snow for the first time.

Will goes away on his first business trip and Solomon and I barely survive with out him. 
I turn 27 and get roses and the sweetest card :)

Auntie April comes to visit with her boyfriend.  We missed her SO SO SO much!
Will has his frist health screen and gets some of his best patients! 
Solomon meets our neighbor and LOVES her.
The boys garden.
Solomon and Jillian start to get along :)

Solomon get the stomach flu!
Solomon recovers from the stomach flu with a little therapeutic (Andy Warhol-esque) painting.
We go to the zoo.
I (accidentally) get pink then brown hair.
We decorate easter eggs with Candice and Jillian.
We prepare for our new baby.

Shiloh Selah Love joins our world, and what a lovely world it is.
My dad comes to visit.
And Solomon becomes a big brother...

Solomon turns THREE.
My sister, mom and aunt came to visit.
Solomon plays Soccer.
My baby gets his hair cut.

Shiloh smiles for the world to see.
Solomon flushed a pair of underwear down the toilet while I was confined to nursing.
Sweet Tina came to visit us.
I get my new, amazing stroller.
We do the Zoo with TWO.

Lots of Summer fun and a package from California Gramma.

BEST (Amish) Weekend EVER!!!!
Solomons first(and hopefully ONLY) trip to jail.
Solomon starts preschool.
FINALLY start a REAL LIFE friendship with Amie.
Jen comes to see us and take amazing photos, as usual.

Solomon and Boston become life long friends.
Shiloh starts to eat food.

My kids get WAY too big for their own good.
We finally have to give up our California license plate.

We got a new car (Thank you GOD!)
Solomon got royally freaked out by Santa.
We got LOTS of Christmas packages from California.
"Little Buddy" and "Little Love" (the kids new dolls) became apart of the family.
We got a lot of snow.
We feel deeper in love, with eachother, with our kids.
And we ended the year being more than thankful for the life God has blessed us with.


Anonymous said...

I know I am not supposed to be reading this---but your promos are too catchy for me to resist! Love it--and YOU!

KelliAnn Christensen said...

What a great idea for a post! This was so fun to read and look at. You have had one busy year. :)

Anonymous said...

Amber this is precious...the whole year reviewed with all the adorable pics!!!! I love it!!! Help me make one of these!
:)) XO, Auntie Laura

Elena said...

Amber, the blog looks amazing. I'm so happy!!! I really enjoyed looking at all your pics and seeing what you guys have done this last year. I miss you so much it hurts.


Anonymous said...

Hi my sweet Ambe,

Me and Kate are here in my room reading your fabulous blog. We loved reading about all of your adventures and seeing all the beautiful pictures! Love you!!!!

Sara & Kate:)

Amie said...

this is a wonderful blog post!! Loved it--so much fun going back and seeing the last year for you guys AND Im so glad my boys and I got to be part of this past year with you <3

Love you girl!!

Corin said...

What an awesome year end wrap-up! I totally remember when you died your hair dark, so pretty! And I totally remember when Solomon got his first hair cut! He looked so handsome!

That pic of Will spinning Solomon in the rain is the best father/son pic I've ever seen. That is one Solomon will cherish forever. It really touched my heary <3