Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fuzzi Bunz Giveaway

So...what am I giving away????

Lets start with a
FuzziBunz Diaper Tote Take 'Em With You. (in white)

If you are going to take them with you, you have GOT to have a
FuzziBunz Fleece Changing Pad (in aqua)

And why don't we end it off with
TWO FuzziBunz Burp Cloths.

So WHY am I giving these things away????

As most of you know, one of my FAVORITE things about being a mom is cloth diapering.  It has become a passion of mine.  I love it for MANY reasons.

-They are SO much more comfortable for your little baby's bum!!

-They are SO cute, and I, being a major color coodinator, LOVE to match them with my kids outfits.

-They are great for the environment.  You don't throw (at least) 10 wads of non-biodegradable junk in the trash EVERYDAY. Which means you ANRE'T leaving behind about 2.7 tons (per child) of non-biodegradable waste for your children and grandchildren.

-For me, I have saved a lot of money...and I mean A LOT!!!  Not only do I not have to buy diapers and wipes anymore, but Im not making all of those trip to the store where you end up spending a TON of money on stuff that you probably wouldn't have bought if you didn't come in the first place.  Buying disposables alone can cost around $2000 per child.  But cloth diapers???  $300 max...and you can use them for ALL of your kids.

-Cloth diapers are gel free. You know, when your baby pees and their diaper swells to 3 times the size? Well that is sweeling is due to a material called polyacrylate gel. No one really know what the long term effects of this gel are. They are suspected of exacerbating and even causing asthma. And those dog-on things leach moisture out of your babies skin.

-No more diaper rashes.  My kids skin is very sensitive to disposable diapers.  Solomons little skin went through a major detox when I switched him over to cloth diapers.  Whenever he wears a disposable (to sleep) he gets a rash.  Shiloh has never had one, and we have been cloth diapering her from the beginning.  So there is an additional more diaper cream!!!  (which can ruin your fuzzi bunz anyway!)

-They also say it is easier to potty train and it happens sooner.  We started to cloth diaper Solomon at 1 and he was potty trained at 2.  So, while each child is different, this can also be a definate positive.

-Plus, its more fun being out of the norm :)

How do you enter


Leave a comment below, telling me what your favorite thing about cloth diapering is, OR if you do not cloth dipaer, you can ask a question that you have always had about cloth diapering.

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That is up to FOUR chances! 

THE WINNER will be announced on Sunday, Januray 17th. 

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amie said...

woohoo-awesome giveaway!!

Well as you know I cloth diapered Boston, and am just now getting Driver into cloth and will be cloth diapering Finn come February--my favorite thing about cloth diapering is just knowing Im putting something SO soft on their bums--sposies aree hard and im sure uncomfortable and there are SOOO many different kinds of cloth diapers that anybody is sure to find a system that works for them!! And cloth diapers are just so darn cute ;)

Amie said...

facebooked it ;)

Anonymous said...

My favorite things about cloth diapering are all of the cute diaper designs, and knowing that CD'ing better for her than disposables.

I'm also looking forward to potty training earlier.

slynn41202 at

Rachael said...

I don't CD yet - but I've been thinking about it ever since I got pregnant. I just can't figure out where to start - how do you get started and find the right diaper without wasting a lot of money trying different ones out?

Rachael said...

Facebooked it too!!

punkledoodle said...

I now follow!!

punkledoodle said...

I haven't used cloth diapers but am very interested in giving it a try with baby #3 who is due in April!!!!

Gigi said...

I love cloth diapers. I love to pick a color and type depending on my mood.

Eli's Lids said...

Ha! I was just thinking I may want to cloth diaper this one!!
Myt question is whether or not you have to do a separate load of laundry with the cloth diapers of if you can wash them with your normal laundry...

zealandsmom said...

My favorite thing, is that I know it is the right thing for our family.

I love never having to get dressed to go to the store to buy sposies!

zealandsmom said...

now follow your blog!

Susan said...

What a wonderful giveaway. Aqua! Yay!

I love a lot of things about cloth diapering, but right now I'm really loving that they encourage early potty training - it gets pretty darn nasty to change the poopy diaper of a three or four year old when you're doing it the cloth diaper way :)

I'm am now a follower (and found you via Jenna's blog!)

Hugs, Susan

Susan said...

I'm curious to know what your favs are.

Nicole Poest said...

My favorite thing about cloth diapering is not having to go to the store at 10 o'clock at night because we ran out of diapers! Plus the cute prints make it fun to CD!

Nicole Poest said...

I facebooked about this giveaway!

Crystal T said...

My favorite thing about cloth diapers is the comfort factor. I just can't imagine sitting around in regular diapers all day.
In close second is the environmental impact of disposable diapers.

Justin and Jen said...

Yay! I want my future babies to have fuzzi bunz!

Suzanne said...

I love everything about cloth diapers. The Fuzzi Bunz are so easy to care for, I have fewer leaks and blow outs than I did with disposables, and they are more comfortable for my little guy.