Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Years

It has been over towo years now that Solomon has been apart of our little family. It has been so many things...a joy, hard, frustrating, defeating, trying, a seriously learning experience, incredible, lovely, and the biggest adventure we have ever been apart of. Solomon is just incredible. We have gone through tons of "stages" but the one we are at now is just awesome. he talks so much now that it seems like situations no longer arise, where he cannot communicate to us exactly what he wants. He has this memory...oh my's frightening at times. You just cannot believe that he know which freeway leads to Papa and Cheryl's house and the name of a friend has only met once and hasn't seen in a month. It's honestly one of the most incredible memories that we have ever encountered...and he's only TWO! We wanted to take some time just list out several funny things, special things, that we have them documented...somewhere at least.

He can count to 20. He skips maybe two numbers or so, but he has it down really well!!

He has recognized all of his letters and their sounds since about 18 months, but now he is saying things like "letter A" as he points to words.

He has learned the phrase "In a minute" which as you can imagine, is the response to everything. I guess he hears this a lot from Will and I. It's really funny/slightly irritating to say, "Solomon, come here" and have my two year olds response be "In a minute momma." haha.

Last week we were having dinner at Ruby's (we love this place because it serves great vegetarian options!!!) and there was an African American couple sitting a booth away from us. Solomon sees them, his eyes get all big and he points and starts saying, with quite the volume, "OBAMA OBAMA!!!!" I was trying to hush him, hide my complete shock/embarrassment, and not crack up laughing all at once. It will be something I will never forget!

Yesterday, Solomon was up at about 5am. Will was determined to get him to go back to sleep. Solomon, as always, was thinking of what kind of conversation he could strike up to help Will forget about said determination to get him back to sleep. My sister sometimes tries to get Solomon to say things in Spanish. When she leaves she always said "Adios" but it's been awhile since that has happened. Solomon looks at Will and says, "Adios Dada...Aunty April." haha...I'm telling you, his memory is out of control.

One of his favorite toys is this little maglight flashlight. He used to call it his microphone, but has now graduated to "flashlight." He loves taking it everywhere, playing with it, shining it in peoples's always a good time.

Solomon recognizes does this happen?? I will thank Will for that one, as he is all but head over heels in love with her.

A struggle that we had with Solomon when he was about 1 was he head banging everytime he would get frustrated. It seemed to eliminate itself but has resurfaced again. I hate it so much. if he cannot find somethings to slam his head on, he hits himself in the face. From what we have read, this isn't too uncommon and since it is self-regulating, it's nothing to worry about it. But how can we not? It breaks my heart. We do lots of prevention when he starts. We talk about not hitting anyone. We talk about using our words when we are mad. I am hoping that it will vanishing again for good...soon.

We have made a few new purchases, which have turned out to the the greatest purchases we have ever made for Solomon.

-Play-doh-He LOVES it. The child who NEVER EVER sits, sits for at least an hour to play with play-doh.

-Ikea Train Tracks- We got some wooden train tracks and trains that were incredibly cheap. He was in heaven!!! He loved them so much. Because they were so inexpensive we decided to splurge on the following...

-Small Battery Operated Thomas- This little Thomas fits on Solomon's new tracks and pulls the rest of his wooden trains via a magnet that they all have. I must say, it was a painful purchase...I was sick about it...but it is by far his favorite thing in the universe. he hasn't let it go in days. I was $21...gasp...sick I know!

-Ikea kid's table- First of all it was $20!!! It came with two chairs and he loves it. He plays all sorts of things at his table...trains, des lots of art work there, play-doh, eats snacks there. He just loves it.

We decided to move Solomon to our table and retire the highchair. Mostly because with Solomon's new table, there was no room for the highchair. He loves sitting at the table in his booster seat. Considering his extremely active self, he is adjusting really well. It is still new and exciting but he is listening to rules and getting the hang of it.

He is such a joy to parent. Will and I are so thankful for him. We (well mostly I) have been struggling for these last few years because we are so crammed and so financially strapped and feel so stiffled and smothered as well as rarely every feel like adults yet because we still technically live with my mom. We always talk about how excited we are for "our lives to start." Over the last week or so it has become increidbly apparent that, um , our lives have started. We are just letting what we have now pass us by because we are looking for the future to come and rescue us. We (again, mostly I) made a decision to start living like we/I want to live, right now. I am sad that I have wasted so much time. The change begins now.


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Okay, you have like a billion new posts! :) This is my favorite one, I think. I laughed at the Obama story. Plus, I just can't believe how smart your kid is--wow! The little table is such a good idea, and it was so cheap. I also think it is good to hear your voice in your writing. :) So Will and I watched P.S. I Love You, and although I did cry, I don't think it even came close to The Notebook. Sorry! Let me know what you think about the movie on Friday, and have a good time Thursday. :)