Tuesday, July 29, 2008

His Greatness Surpasses All...

We I have some incredible news!!!

Well the meeting went well (though I still don't have the details...thanks Sara for not calling meback you bum! :)) and so I have some awesome news.

Gregg and Eileen, Sara's parents, got approved to take Bri in as their foster child!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! It is just them and Sara's little brother Josh, who is 8. It is close to ideal for many reasons. It's a two-parent home. They are financially stable enough to be able to offer over and above what she needs. Eileen is a stay at home mom. Gregg and Eileen have at least 10 years of experience working with foster kids (could be way more, they always had foster children when Sara and I were growing up), even violet, very troubled one. The only down side was having Josh because a big trigger for Bri is competition. However, the odds of Bri being able to be placed into "the perfect" family, being that she is currently "unadoptable", she is 7, she has a psychiatric and voilet history...probably not going to happen. Sara gets to see her on a weekly basis. Sara gets to be her mommy. Nana and Pop-Pop are still Nana and Pop-Pop. She doesn't have to add another "split" to hear years of pain and abandonment.

The thing we will need prayer for is this: This is like the last possible solution. We are confident that God can heal Bri and that this very well might be a life changing experience. If for some reason, God has other plans for her, then that will be His will. But for know, I ask for prayer for wisdom for all involved, for comfort and healing for Bri and for healing for Sara, Kimberly and Melody as they recover and now adjust to, yet another change.

How great is our God...

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