Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Excitement

SO SO SO sorry that I got crazy and flipped the camera around the wrong way...I always do this!!! Please...stick with me!

Our sweet friends, Patrick, Candice and their amazing daughter Jillian, got Solomon this AWESOME motorcycle for his birthday. I know I know, this is a little outdated I haven't had the time to sit down and post everything that I have wanted to in forever!!! Will's work decided to eliminate their Sunday hours, which is a big bummer in the financial area but a big horray in the "I get to see my husband" area. So here I am, posting all the things that I have wanted to post for the last month.

As you can see he was SO excited about this gift. It was the first gift he got and he was in heaven!! He loves it. He is getting really good at navagating it. he loves to compare him self to papa, my dad, who has a Harley. It is one of the most awesome gifts ever!! Thanks guys!!

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