Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Against My Inner Grain

In trying to help Solomon sleep through the night, (as I have already said in previous blogs) we are trying to wean Solomon off of bottles and reduce his (what seem like, very needed) 2 naps to 1. This is the first time we, as an AP family, have kinda forced him to do something before he initiated/showed signs of being ready for it. For us, the main motivation is trying to help him sleep through the night. He just keeps waking up terribly early (we're talking like 3:45-4:30) and wakes 3-4 times a night and can't fall back to sleep with out some form of soy milk.

Our plan was to try and switch from a bottle to a sippe cup at first, which transistioned with few tears, almost seamlessly. Then, we thought we would start moving the milk closer and closer to meal time and furter away from nap/bed time. It hasn't worked yet. he cries for water at meal time and cries for milk at nap time. We are still stuck with a sippie of milk before nap/bed time and at a loss of how to change. We really try, if he wakes at night and begs for milk, to offer other things, ie: cuddling, rocking, giving him "chills", singing, but for the most part, he will wait up 3 hours if we make him, until he get's his milk. Part of me thinks, if this is how it is going to be, then we should just give him back his bottle. At least the bottle goes straight back to be swallowed, instead of swishing around in his mouth as with a sippie cup.

I want him to feel comfortable over all. He is very active and when he is tired he is a complete bear! So cutting out the nap and trying to nix the bottle has been tough. I don't want to make life tough on him. My gut tells me to just let him have his naps and his bottles, as he likes...because going against him like this is just so against the grain of our family.

I need suggestions...anyone?

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