Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Beach Aquarium

June 30th 2008

My aunt's friend gave her a free ticket to the Aquarium that expired on June 30th and she wasn't able to make it there before then so she drove it over to me.

Solomon woke up from his nap, eat lunch and off we were. I was really excited. We don't often do "fun things" just the two of us. We grocery shop, run to Target, do random errands but we usually save the fun stuff for family events. I was thrilled that we got to go just the two of us.
We got there, and Solomon is just about the biggest fan in the universe of anything that has to do with water. This was his fourth time but he acted as if it was his first. He had SO much fun. The pictures aren't that great because if you use a flash, it reflects off of the glass but if you don't, you can hardly see work with me now. :)

We got to touch the sharks and the "Uncle Rays" (Mr. Rayfrom Nemo, don't know why he decided Uncle was approprioate, but that's what we call sting rays). We saw seahorses, nemo and dorie fish, all different types of jelly fish, frogs, an octopus, and the best of all, baby sharks, still in the eggs.

It was so much fun. I love being with him. He is such a gem and I am so thankful that God deemed me his mother. He is so much more than I could have ever prayed for...oh how I love him.

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