Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pronouns and Owie's

A Solomon Update.

Solomon's newest speech advancements are he/she/him/her's and I just love it. He has started referring to himself as "he" which is too funny! He loves to point out a "little boy" or little girl" and it just really impresses me.

Another funny word, that I do not love, but still amuses me is "can't." Here is where the "he" comes in. I ask him to clean up his toys. "Momma, he can't!!" haha. Funny bug.

Probably his biggest "owie" yet...he was trying to climb up the laundry basket. It has little hard plastic diamonds cut into the side and he slipped and ripped of all of the skin on his pinkie toe, between his pinkie toe and his fourth one in. It was a bloody mess and very traumatic. He kept telling everyone that his toe was pink, so sweet. Every time the bandage falls off he has a total meltdown and we MUST get one on asap. He is "recovering" well though. He is a tough cookie.

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KelliAnn Christensen said...

Solomon is such a cutie. I love how much is vocabulary is progressing! Well, Will's family is gone, and I was going to say we should do something next week, but I am pretty sure that is when I am watching Rachel's little girl every day while she teaches swim lessons. Nevermind. I hope Solomon's toe gets better fast. :)