Sunday, June 22, 2008

You Give Me Fever...

Yesterday I went to get my hair was I in need of some root dye-age. We usually do a reddish orange color that I love, with some blonde. For some reason, my stylist forgot to mix all the colors so its a dark red. Im not particularly thrilled. But oh well...what are you going to do huh?

As I was driving home, my dad called me up and said he and his girlfriend wanted to watch him so that Will and I could go out. Wow...he has done this a few times before, but he is the ONLY person who has ever offered that (Aside from Jen and Justin but I think I have mentioned that before). Will and I got to go out on a date!!! We went and had awesome veggie fajitas at El Cholo and then stopped at Borders to browse. What a blast. it's so nice to have time to enjoy eachother, which is something we have been doing VERY little of lately. He is such an awesome guy. I don't say that enough. He works so hard and loves Solomon and I so much! I am so thankful that he is the man I get to spend my life with.

We picked Solomon up and were headed home when my sister gave me a surprise call from the river where she went with the BF and his family. She was really upset about something that happened and (the girl who is pretty emotionless) she was weeping. I felt aweful. She was a 4 hour drive away. We talked about us coming to get her but she decided to to stick it out...and its a good thing...because...

At midnight, Solomon woke up with his famous 104 fever. I think this is his 5th or 6th one. He has no other symptom apart from serious teething (which has been the case with all the others) and I have finally convinced all those around me that he is just a rare case that gets a high fever with teeth. it goes away in about two days...every time. Most of the time he is just listless and quiet but I think because he is a little older, he was a mess. he was just crying and crying. I felt terrible! it's the first time since, oh I don't know, somwhere around infancy, that I haven't known what I could do for him. We did baths, showers, read to him, even resulted to a 6am movie...the latter seemed to help a bit. He just seems to be so miserable that he can't sleep. I finally broke down and gave him a fever reducer (cringes...I HATE it!!!! I ran out of my homeopathic fever reducer too!!! Why oh why didn't I pick some up this week when I was at Whole Foods?!?!?) And now he is napping. Sweet little bug...he still has his sense of humor. In between meltdowns he was wispering funny little jokes and tunes to me. I couldn't believe it...such a wonderful little boy that I adore with my whole heart!!

I am so blessed. God knew exactly what I needed...I am so thankful for my boys!

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