Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mountain Adventures

Tuesday morning, Will wasn't assigned at any clinic so we had the whole day together, just the three of us. I got this hairbrained idea to go up to Forest Falls, about 1.5 hours away. We got dressed in some layers because it was all cloudy and cool. I packed some lunches, snacks, and diapers and we were off.

Solomon is BIG on sleep. He loves his naps and can be a bit of a beast if he misses one. We braved the Solomon "elements" though. He slept for about 20 minutes in the car, as opposed to the 2, 2 hour, nas that he usually takes.
We got to Forest Falls at around 11am. We walke down to the small bridge where there is a tiny bridge. When I was young and used to come here there was a sweet little stair case with "little" stairs, that were very close together. Now there is a big concrete walkway...a bit sad. We walked down the trail to to the big creek and played down there a bit. Solomon was getting hungry and thirsty so we walked back to the car and drove back down the road to a picknik area that we had seen.

We got our lunch out and started to eat when out of no where these two really creepy guys passed us really slowly and were looking at us very strangely. Will, who is usually never freaked out and thinks I totally overreact to everything, was completely spooked by these guys. We packed our stuff up quickly, as he reminded me of a scary movie we had seen that this all reminded him of hahaha!

We drove back up the road to Forest Falls Trails. The road ends here and you cannot go any further up the mountian unless by foot. We ate in the car, changed Solomon, and loaded up with a bit of water. We hiked a little bit, and then went down to the water.

Solomon found some fantastic sticks and just sat on the ground, drawing with them. Once that was boring he started collecting rocks and throwing them in the creek. It was so much fun.
Solomon took off his shoes and splashed around in the creek for a bit. Then Will took it ALL off haha and they waded around.
Quiet, peaceful, sunshine...we meditated, talked and just sat in silence. It was truly one of the greatest days we have ever had as a family.

I cannot wait until we get to go back!!! It was such a wonderful day. We have been talking about it ever since...Thank you God for sweet memories...

A few more pictures...
Stick fun...
Mountian Bliss
Long hair = bliss haha
The Fam
More mountian bliss...
Here is a video...just so that you can experience a few moments of the glorious day.

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