Sunday, June 15, 2008


This morning was a sad one for our family. It might seen odd or bizarre that a stranger could lay such a hand on someones life, but it has happened to us many time...this is just another one of those times.

Every Sunday morning, since Will and I have been married I think, Meet The Press has been blaring in our house. Will and I follow politics (him a tad more so than I, but that's just because he is smarter!!) and Tim Russert is a hero of Wills. You just look at the man and you know he is one of those who "gets it."

Friday at 1:58pm we heard of Tim's death. I was actually listening to Dr Laura in the car and the half hourly news came and and in my car I put my hand over my mouth and started to cry. I called Will immediately and told him. He is reading a book about the neo-conservatives and had just read something Tim had said in his book. We both sat on the phone in silence...with a few wow, I can't believe this's.

Solomon runs around the house on Sunday mornings asking for "Obama Movie" which is what he calls any of Will's political shows (haha...I LOVE IT). He kept saying "Timmy" when he watched (he is a total mocking bird!!!). We cried and cried. It was just so hard so see a man so loved by so many, and REAL person, with a son and wife and tons of friends and colleagues who adored we did...gone.

It's really sad for his son, for his wife and everyone who knew him...we know that our Sunday's will never be the same...and neither will political journalism/reporting.


KelliAnn Christensen said...

I am sorry. I kind of wish I had know him a little more now.

Janelle said...

Like his son Luke said, imagine "Meet the Press" in heaven! (I'm new to your blog... Hope you don't mind me snooping!)

Amber said...

I know...I bet it's amazing!

And of course I don't mind...its not snooping :)