Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick Week

It been quite a week. Because of that, I am going to do some recapping.

LAST Sunday, Solomon had his fever.

We spent Monday playing as quitely and calmly as we could. He was so excited to be feeling better and speaking that he was making up for it, double time. :)

Tuesday Will was home with us. We went to Downtown Disney. We had to pick up some Nemo things for Solomon's birthday party, that would be acting as cake decorations ont he 28th. We ate a Tortilla Joes...fajitas...yum. We walked a round a bit and just took our time getting back home. It was a really nice day.

Wednesday we had, what I thought was a great visit with KelliAnn. Solomon slept most of the time that KelliAnn and I visited. Her little girl, Kaitlyn is getting so big. I can't believe she is ONE! When Solomon woke up, we went back to see him and he was clinging to my sister like his life depended on it. He was so sweet with Kaitlyn. he said her name really well. He was (trying) to share toys with her. He hasn't really got the whole, "when I offer you a toy, I'm actually supposed to let you play with it" down yet. He would give it to her and then as soon as she had it take it back. It was cute anyway. He was really sad when they was I. I felt really bad because after KelliAnn left, I started to feel a little ache in my throat and some stuffness...I HOPE HOPE HOPE they don't get was I was about to get.

Thursday, I woke up feel terrible. Will had to go to work (one of his many side jobs, the tanning salon) and I decided that maybe tanning would make me feel better. Sitting in the sun always helps me when I have a cold and it was not even close to sunny that morning. I definately didn't feel better afterward...infact, I'll be honest, I got fried. I got home and tried my best to take care of Solomon but I was feeling TERRIBLE. I had a 102 fever and I was a weepy mess. I always get like that when I'm sick (plus I was due to start my period on saturday). Will got home at 3 and I just gave up when I saw him. I was beyond ill. I layed down and hardly remember the night. I beg beg begged him to let his supervising clinician know that he couldn't come in(on Friday) because I just could not function with that fever. He did :) I started to panic since Solomon's bday was on Saturday...Lord please make me better!, I prayer.

Friday, fever was still there...still felt horrible...don't remember much else...

And Saturday...oh Saturday...that is a blog all in itself...soon to come...

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KelliAnn Christensen said...

Oh my goodness. How awful!! No, we must have been pretty lucky or something because Kaitlyn and I are both fine. You poor thing! I can't wait to hear about the details of the party. :)
Oh, and thanks for the comment on Kaitlyn's hair. I always wonder what to do with it. Even when I do put something in it, it doesn't last long. She doesn't have any natural part, yet, so it just all goes forward, and I feel so bad when it is in her eyes and she can't see. I just keep brushing it to the side every time she is near. :)