Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Needing Sleep...and other things...

Shiloh has some sort of a cold/teething thing going on right now. Seriously, I really wanted to just run away and never come back last night. She was up until 1 am. Part of that was TOTALLY my fault because she is REALLY sensitive to caffiene and since she got me up at 5am, I had a cup of coffee. It was really sad/horribly annoying because she would NOT GO TO SLEEP. I got 5 hours of sleep after getting 5 hours the ngiht before...and now, well Im sort of an emotional zombie.

Im having a hard time being away from my family and friends right now. Christmas is lots of fun at home. My mom makes the best food. My sister cracks me up for days on end. We got to my Aunt and Uncles house and hanging out with all the greatest people.  I miss them a lot.

The kids and I went to Trader Joes today. Its a 40 minute drive and it was 25 it was interesting to say the least. Both of the kids took a snooze in the car so I think Im skipping trying to get Solomon to take an addition nap. I think it will just end up frustrating me. So...instead we are going to make peanut butter cookies...heres to some no-sleep fun!


KelliAnn Christensen said...

Oh, Amber, I am sorry you are needing sleep and more family connections at this time. I can understand the sleep issue at the moment (though I dread something similar with a newborn, to be honest). I did find it very interesting that you are missing your mom. :) You have a great family. I know it is very hard for you to be apart from them--especially at Christmas. How did the cookies turn out? Post some pictures! :)

Amber said...

K- I find it so weird that I miss my mom too haha... ;)

The cookies turned out great but they are already guys are oinkers!!! We took some to his holiday party and Will downed the rest! haha