Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Loves of My Life...

Playing with the kids is becoming more and more fun.  Shiloh is getting SOOOO silly.  She loves to play and sit and pester Solomon relentlessly.  She tries to destroy his train tracks, eat his pirates, and bonk his cars on his head.  He is rarely amused.  He has taken to hoarding HUGE piles of toys ont he couch, in order to stay out of her reach.  I love it.  Its hilarious and frusrating all at once haha.

Solomon has really started loving me.  I mean, he always loves me, but since Will has started his LONG 12 hour days at work, he seems to be loving on me a lot more.  I like it, lots!  He always wants to play with me.  "School" is a new favorite.  And, no, not preschool.  Him and I have been doing lots of fun print off from  Thanks to Amie for recommending that!!!  That website is awesome.  He gets on the ABC section and goes to town.  He has started sounding out words, which is just amazing to me.  He is such a smart boy.

Solomons newest passion.  Taking photos.  I kid you not, he takes about 100 or more a day.  Some of them are so sweet.  Others, like a nice full size shot of my butt in sweat pants, not so much.  He doesn't know it yet, but my dad go him a camera for Christmas, and he is going to go bananas.

Shiloh, along with torturing her brother, is just the most lovely little thing.  She is the most cuddly little muffin.  Ok, so yes,it gets quite annoying because I find myself doing dishes, baking, vacuuming, peeing, all while having to hold her, but when she cries, it isn't this whiney "im a brat" kinda cry.  No, she is truly offended that someone would even consider putting her down.  Sweet girl.  Have I talked about how when Will walks in the door she seriously goes nuts.  Hysterics in .2 seconds if he does not race over and take her from me.  Truly, hurt feelings.  Its precious.  Solomon was adelighted to see us whenever we would walk into a room, but not like this.  Love oozes from her little bunny pores, and we know, she cannot live without us.

Will, (pictured below in jammies and smothered in Shilohs love, is loving the new job.  The hour drive still sucks, but its only 3 days a week.  He leaves at 7:30 am and usually rolls in at about 7:30 pm.  So it is a long day.  But the office is beautiful and the patients are decent too :).  He is still seeing his current pateints at the greensburg office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but overall, if everything goes as planned this is the best place for us right now.

Get a load of that fridge!!! Covered in preschool art. I have to clean it of almost every week because he comes home with the most adorable things that all must be displayed. Any thoughts on what I should do to store/save them??? I can't bare to part with it just yet.

Well its Christmas Eve and we are off to the inlaws to open gifts.  Its always scary opening gifts for me.  Its like my least favorite thing to do ever...but it will be fun...
Merry Christmas!!


86 My Social Life said...

You are the hottest momma ever, seriously!! Love you!

Amber said...

Thanks T!!!!

KelliAnn Christensen said...

Amber, I just have to tell you that you look so amazing in these pictures! I mean, really, you are stunningly beautiful.