Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movers, Shakers and Schoolers.

Sweet Bunny Love is up and crawling and moving and pushing herself into the sitting position all alone now.  I cannot believe it.  How did she get so big?  Almost 8 months.  And oh how I love her.  She is basically obsessed with me.  I cannot put her down without some serious scream-fests.  I have decided to accept it.  I got my hip sling out and the girl is content to sit there until the end of time.  It is lovely that she loves me so much, which is something that my little Solomon never could sit still for.  He wanted down and around to explore the world.  When Will walks in the door, she wants him, and wants him bad.  I love it.  She goes nuts and freaks out and gets her fill of cuddles from him and then comes back to me.  She loves a good nurse.  She takes her socks off to hold her feet when she nurses, ahhh...LOVE it!  She is still waking up like THREE times a night.  I am very very tired.  Both kids get up at 5-6am and it is REALLY taking a toll on us.  We have tried moving bed time later, earlier, with holding naps, nothing makes it any later.  So 7pm bedtime it is.  Its ok.  It is just a season...right???

Now moving on from my the...shaker (of sorts)

Solomon is really getting irritated at Shiloh.  He lets her play with NOTHING.  She is, in his opinion, not allowed to touch ANYTHING!  How do people with more than one dealwith this.  I tell him he can gently take things from her and sweetly say, "Thats brothers/Solomons baby girl...thank you."  But he panics when he sees her touch or try to play with anything.  He tries to trade her for things to, but with crap, like apiece of fuzz haha.  Im not sure the best way to go about this.

We are also thinking of taking him out of his 2 day a week preschool A) to save $70 a month and B) because I am sorta thinking about home schooling him.  Its a BIG issue for me.  I was home schooled for a majority of my school years, and I HATED it.  I especially hated being put in and out of middle/high school after never going to school before.  I have been trying to do "school time" with Solomon everyday that he doesn't go to school.  its just a 15-20 minute time that we either do a worksheet or paint or do something. BUT, its becoming a bit of a struggle.  Today we had this big battle because he wouldn't finish his (very small) worksheet.  I just wanted him to finish so he doesn't get in the habit of deciding when we do and dont do school, if I am indeed home schooling him.  But he yelled and cried and I was SOOOO frustrated that I am seriously recanting the thought.  Do I need ANOTHER thing that I have to regulate with him?  Another thing to (possibly) fight about?  I'm just SO worried about making the wrong schooling choice.  I am displeased with my childhood education and I REALLY want to offer him the BEST so that IF he wants to utilize it, he can.  And I don't know that home schooling is going to do anything other than maybe put a wrench in our relationship.  Thoughts???

Lots is going on...some things are starting to brew...I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

FUZZ!!! sweet trade..hahahaha...i was cracking up. Solomon would think that's a fare trade. too cute.

Aunts pants

Corin said...

Hmmm...things are brewing with us too, I wonder if it's the same as you guys? Haha...guess we'll find out!

So, I want to know exactly what it was about your eduation that you didn't feel happy about? It is a really scary decision to make anout homeschooling/ not homeschooling, I know. I am pretty set on it, but of course I always question, "Can I REALLY do this???" And not only that but, "Is this the right decision???" Of course, the standard two questions of parenthood! And I don't want my kids to resent the fact that they were homeschooled, which is why I ask everyone I know that was homeschooled how they felt about it. But I think it would also help you in your decision to go over your experience with it and how you would do it differently.

Was it the actual concept of homeschool, or was it the methods used that didn't work for you as a child?

Robert and Hannah said...

I love how you're teaching him to say "that's brothers, thank you baby girl"... so sweet. <3 but fuzz sounds like an awesome trade too.... hahahaha <3

Charlene said...

School is different for everyone, so if you listen to you, and you listen to Solomon, you can make the right choice each year. It may be that preschool is the right place for him now, but maybe home will be the right place later.

The nice thing about School is that learning never stops, SOOO, as Solomon gets older, if he is in school, you will have the patience, energy, and love to keep teaching him when he gets home, and the teacher will have (usually) the expertise to teach him, and allow him to be in good, and difficult, social situations when he is at school... a skill we must all learn at some point. And may I point out that those social lessons are often painful no matter when or how we learn them.

Keep praying about it, and each step of the way, keep evaluating you, your heart, your desire, your motives and your ability to school him yourself. At the same time, give him a say and consider the dynamic between you and him. You will make the right choice.

Maroussia said...

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