Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas From My Preschooler.

Be still my heart...ahhh. Today was Solomons Christmas party at school. In walks Santa and he sprints to the back of the rooma nd tears up, clearly terrified. haha. He begged to not have to go up and see him, and I said, of course, he did not have to. He did end up seeing that Santa was passing out gifts, so he decided to stand near him...and check out that sweet phoney smile!! Love it!

Solomon and Boston
Not so sure about this whole Santa business.
"Um I want a present" was what he said when his teacher said to ask for something for Christmas haha.
Driver and Boston
Sitting for story time
Story time
I LOVE that he loves playing with the girls!!! hehe

Stoked about his gift exchange

So 2 songs after this one, Solomon burst into tears and said "I really just wanna go sit with my mommy!!!" OMG...and that is what he did. What an awesome day!!! Love my sweet baby!!


Amie said...

sweet boy <3 I just love him Amber! He was so brave to go stand next to santa after he was so unsure about him...Im so surprised that Boston even went near him because he was telling me for the past few days that "im a little nervous to see Santa" and I told him that that was okay and he didnt even need to go near him if he didnt want to, LOL!

This program was so sweet, seriously when did our boys get so big?? :( bittersweet...

april joy mason said...

That's my boy...already a ladies man. I taught him well! haha. That Santa is pretty freaky by the way. I miss him so much and wish I was there to see this with you guys. He was absolutely adorable!!! I miss you tons...just know that my Christmas is going to just as miserable as yours unless Will decides to wrestle his mom!!! haha!!! I LOVE YOU SISTER!!!