Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Love Bunny

She is SO over me haha...look at that face.
Daddy and his sweet babies
She loves her magazies...Im not kidding, DO NOT try taking it away.
hahaha...she crack me up
A girl who loves her veggies

Shiloh...oh Shiloh. 7 months old came quickly. How can this be happening. My babies are not babies any more. Getting SO big. She eats...and seriously...she EATS! She loves veggies, tolerates fruit but gets the shivers everytime she swallows. Solomon never ate baby food. He hated it. I would try, he would gag it up. He didnt eat a thing until he was over a year, just nursed his way through life...and he still hardly eats. It is SO nice for me tohave a baby who eats!!! I love feeding her. She sits, almost always unassisted. She is almost able to get herself to the sitting position, but not quite yet. She army crawls ALL set her down and she is across the room attacking the christmas tree in 2 seconds. She plays peek-a-boo. OMG I LOVE it.

She isn't the best sleeper grrr... at 5 months old she stopped sleeping through the night and started waking up NON STOP for nurses. Seriously...such a creul joke. She is getting better now that the food routine is ironed out. She is such a sweet little baby. Shy and leary. So sensitive. So sweet. Oh how this girl loves her daddy. He walks in the door and she FREAKS, and I mean FREAKS out!!! Screams her head off, big giant tears...until he walks over, picks her up...then...she is perfectly content. Shes amazing. I love her. I love nursing her. I love they way her head smells. I love the way she react when I walk in the door from being gone. She is all though I could have dreamed of in a baby little bunny, Shiloh Love...

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KelliAnn Christensen said...

Is she seriously seven months already?? It doesn't even seem possible. Isn't that funny that in regards to eating, she and Solomon are totally opposite? I am excited to see how this baby will be different from Kaitlyn, as well.