Thursday, November 27, 2008

Snow Days...And Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving... It rained all night last night and has been snowing almost all day. Its been fun. This is the first time that Solomon has been able to play in the snow, and seriously, HE LOVED IT!!! I am SOOOO excited to be able to move to PA for the sole reason that we get to play in the snow often. He has SUCH a blast. As soon as we would come inside, he would want to go back out in the "nnnnooww." He says the S but its this really funny nasaly and it cracks me up every time. We are getting really to eat. I'm excited. I'm actually a little nervous. I have a Dr appt on the 4th and I HATE getting weighed...thanks to this meal, I will probably have gained 10 lbs this month!!!! Anyway...enjoy the picture dump.

Trying to resist the urge...but not quite...ah the fate of a snowman....

This is pretty much the most ho'bunk town I've ever been to. There couldn't have been more than like 500 people living there...if that!!!!

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