Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today we woke up to beautiful blue skies, 90 degree weather, and warm winds...which here in Southern California can only mean one thing...Red Flag Warnings...and likely the fires that they are warning about.

At 2 pm I took these photos (apart from is from the front of AOL...its easy to tell which one). So it is obvious that the sun should NOT look like that, and the sky should NOT be that dark. Walking outside gets you coughing/choking in less than ten steps, you can't stay out because it's raining ash...and we are a good 15-20 minutes from the closest this is just how bad it is this far away.

Over 500 hundred homes have been lost...its terribly sad...although the media loves these kind of tragedies...One headline said "Armageddon in California." Thats a little much.

I was telling Solomon what was going on in a very age appropriate way. I was telling him that because it is hot, and we don't get a lot of rain, some hills are dry, and fires is taking away houses...and he said "And what else?" I said..."And their yards, and the hills, and trees..." And he said, "And whales???" And I, of course said, "Yes, maybe their whales." haha...he was so concerned and so sweet. We prayed for the firefighters and the victims together...
May they be out soon...pray for rain. We will need it after this.

Today we woke to blue this is all that is left of them.

These pictures cannot due justice to the bright red sun...

but you can kind of grasp was 2pm...not sunset.

This is far from the worst ash I've seen.
About 7 years was so bad that it looked like it had snowed.
This is under out patio...mixed with my mom's horrid beasts hair.
So sad.

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