Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nothing is more exciting than a holiday contest!!! One of my dearest friends, and most talented photographer, Jen Beasley is having a great photo contest. She has entered Solomon's picture of one of the choices...and while its called a "Gee Im So Darn Cute" contest, I personally think that Solomon's picture is the greatest photograph. Of course he is so darn cute, but ALL the kids are cute so I rationalized voting for my son as the cutest because I love the photograph so much (and well he just might be the cutest to me:)) So...if you want to participate...go vote for #7!!!! :)

Just visit HERE and leave a comment saying #7 is your favorite :) Thanks!!!


Corin said...

Oh yay! How fun! She is such an amazing photographer.

I'm on my way to vote!

Amber said...

Thanks SO much for voting!!!!

Corin said...

You're welcome. And you're tagged!