Sunday, March 22, 2009

Health Screening

This weekend was our free health screening at the local mall. I was hesitant and nervous. Friday, we got there, set up and didn't exactly know where to start. Our kiosk was located right next to one of those SUPER annoying phone booths where the guys shout out annoying or obscene things to try to get you to switch phone services! So people were kind of annoyed passing them and were kinda hurrying passed us. Our goal for the entire weekend was to get 1 patient...and I have to was a HUGE sucess.
Friday, our wing of the mall had a power outage!!! So that was unfortunate. We still made 2 prepaid appointments for new patients and have a possible 3rd patient that had to go home and check her schedule. She is supposed to be calling the office Monday to set up an appointment. Saturday, we scheduled 4 new appointments and have a few other "potentials" that are supposed to call at another time. Today, we were there for 30 minutes and schedules 1 appt...but the whole mall was evacuated because of a bomb threat lol...see what happens when you move to a small town haha. We spoke with the mall manager and because of the chaos (power outage and bomb threat) we get to have another day at another time. So that will be another opportunity for us.
I am so proud of Will. Its a really frightening thing starting a business...I never imagined how scary it would be. Its hard because you feel rejected personally and just worried...but anyhow, it couldn't have gone is the handsome Doctor (and Wills brother Jordan who helped out thsi weekend too) in front of our kiosk.


Elena said...

Oh my gosh how exciting! That is so awesome. I am so happy things went well. Will looks like a kid on his first day of school LOL

Justin and Jen said...

Oh yay! I would've loved to have been there! I'm so proud of you both :)

KelliAnn Christensen said...

Congrats!! Will looks so handsome and so professional. :) I want to hear more about this bomb threat! Seriously, though, way to go!

Corin said...

Wow you guys did great! What a total sucess.