Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome Baby Gabriel and Baby Brady

My sweet and incredible friend Candice, gave birth to her precious baby boy this morning @ 7:24, Gabriel Patrick 8lb 7oz. She was a champ!!! She pushed her little babe out in FOUR minutes!!!! Can you believe it!!!! Congratulations to Patrick, Candice and little Jillian on your new little love!!!

My other friend, Abby, who has been in labor since Tuesday also had her baby this morning somewhere in the 3am hour to little Brady Owen...I don't know details yet but am SO excited for both of my dear friends. Congratulations to Jonathon and Abby!!!

Apparently its a great day for having babies!!! My friend Amy just text to say her doula client is also in labor... How exciting!!!


Corin said...

Wow! Babies, babies everywhere!

Jenna said...

OMG so many babies in one day! How wonderful. :)

KelliAnn Christensen said...

Okay, four minutes is driving me crazy! Don't say things that will get my hopes up. :) Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

I know, the whole thing was just so crazy...what a great day for babies!!!