Monday, September 22, 2008

Its Been Awhile

Solomon just polished off the largest bowl of oatmeal I have ever made him. As soon as I poured it into his bowl I thought, "Oh no!! Thats way too much...what a waste!" He ate every bit and a little cup of soy

Lately things have been just off. Lots of things are going on, lots of changes, lots of different things taking place in our lives and its just made things a bit chaotic. The potty training was the killer for me. Staying home for a week and a half until we "got it" was pure torture! But I am really glad we did it the way we did. I didn't want us to have to drag it on for months. We wanted to devote all of our time to it for a short period of time, and then be able to carry on with life. I'm really glad that we did it this way too...because it worked!!! We have potty training down!!! woohoo!!! Cloth diapers are now a thing of the past! Well actually, he still wears them to bed, but still, you get what I mean :)

Now, big task number two. I have been talking about how we needed to eventually get Solomon off of his bottle. We were super strict about it. He never ever walked around with them, only had 3 oz unsweetened soy milk with 1 oz water before bed, and unfortunately, in the middle of the night...which he would still do the majority of the time. He always sat up with it, had his teeth brushed, and all that...we really were careful. Being AP's, we tried once before, which was a disaster, and Will and I just knew it wasn't time yet. We started with the nap time bottle about 3 weeks ago, and it went VERY smoothly. We waited until he stopped asking for it at nap time, and really got used to it, to venture out into the "no night time bottle" attempts...We started Monday...and let me tell you, our lives are TOTALLY different. It was PERFECT! We were ready, he was ready...and he is sleeping through the night!!!! I think a lot of his waking was due to him peeing like crazy, often times all over his sheets, and because of the cloth diapers, he could really feel it. Now he is waking up almost dry, and he's rested and happy...and so are his momma and daddy!!! I am so glad that we follow his lead and trust our intuition...its so much greater that way. As parents, we just really feel like there is no "age" or "time" for everyone. Every child is so different, and while there is so much pressure, doing what is right for Solomon, should be our ONLY priority!

So with no dipaers or bottles, it seems we have a full blown toddler on our hands. I must admit, I am a little sad. sad actually. My baby is just this brilliant, full on conversation having, nearly self sufficient child...and I just don't know when it happened! Sometimes, especially lately, I have been just breaking down crying at the thought of giving Solomon a sibling someday. Will it shake up his world, will he feel less important, will we have enough time to equally divide up between more than one child. Its seems just so overwhelming and with all the favortisim that went on in my family, I am just afraid that it will be so hard for me. I don't have to worry about it now, but its something that I am thinking about so much more now that Solomon is getting so much bigger so suddenly.

To add to his "big-ness" he sits in a chair and pretty much feeds himself now...Can't believe it!

Will is finally in his last week of home base clinic for this rotation...which will be nice to have his schedule be way more flexible...Im looking forward to seeing him more. We are going to Disneyland on friday...its a much needed family day. Im looking forward to it.

My aunt, Solomon and I have started walking in the mornings. She stops by once she drops David (my cousin) off at school. His school is really close to us, so we get to exercise a bit together now which is fun, and of course Solomon LOVES it, as he LOVES her.

I think that is pretty much the update as of to date. I haven't taken any recent pictures lately but hopefully I will be posting some soon...

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