Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I DESPISE Potty Training

AHH...Im going insane!!! Nap time takes a million hours to get here!!!

We decided that we are really going to work on potty training this week. I made a commitment to stay home monday-friday to work on this with monday morning I was regretting it. I think by 11 am, he had pooped on my carpet, in a corner where I didn't find it for some time after, gone pee on the floor 10 times, and been a complete pill!!!

Today is day 3 and Im close to losing it. Im really tired. Im not feeling that great and Solomon has to poop, but WONT!!! He keeps crying and saying "Owie!!! PEE!!!!" And we run to the toilet and he just wont go. I KNOW he isn't constipated. I doubled up on his probiotics and flax seed oil yesterday and today and I just do not know HOW he can possibly still be holding it in.

I feel like giving up...and I assure you, I would have, had I not seen an ounce of progress today. He did climb in his oven in his play kitchen and pee, but he has actually "TOLD" me that he has to go pee pee a few times today. I thought he wasn't getting it because I would always have to make him go to the bathroom and go (he goes every time I take him, by the way) but it seems today he is grasping it a wee bit (no pun intended haha) better than yesterday. It is extremely frustrating though...

So I am asking, does anyone have any advise? I need some. How did you potty train? What tips do you have for me? I need them!!!


Lyn said...

Candy is a beautiful thing! One M&M for pee and two for poo! Kids go for it and it's an M&M not exactly a King sized candy bar!

Amber said...

That's a very very good idea! Thanks so much Lyn!!