Monday, September 29, 2008

Giving Away

I'm not sure of I shared about our toy give away. Solomon and I went through a lot of him toys and got ride of tons of them...but we didn't just give them away. We gave them to our friends Robert and Gertrude Sennyonjo who are the founders of Sammys Children Centre. They have three little boys, and are from Uganda. We also sent some to our Canadian/Tongan friends who live in Uganda to but they haven't received them yet. Robert sent us the pictures of his boys playing with the toys Solomon sent them and I thought I would share them because it made me so happy. Robert wrote saying that they were working on figuring out what to do with them and how to get them to work. Can you imagine not know how most of these work or turn them on? It's just fascinating to me...I mean, I lived there and I have seen it all...from really rich OC women spritzing little orphaned village kids with D&G Light Blue perfume, to people bring over snow gear to, yes the equator. People just don't know what goes on in other countries some times...and its an educational experience to say the least to see little 6 year olds with newborns strapped to their backs, walking on a road alone where there isn't an adult for at least 7 miles. I actually felt embarrassed at the amount of toys that we were giving away. It was a little humbling...and I wondered if they would wonder why we were sending toys instead of necessities like clothes...or maybe even school supplies. They seem to enjoy the gifts there...and here are the picture of Sammy, Steven and Silas to prove it.

If you'd like to donate anything to SCCI, PLEASE contact me. Or if you would like to sponsor a child (did I mention Robert was raised in an orphanage, so as an orphan himself, he has devoted his life to caring for orphans the way he was cared for...hence starting Sammy's Children Centre International.) I believe it only cost $20 a month...what an awesome opportunity to change the life of a child in this way! Let me know of visit the website

In other news, Solomon has been a complete tyrant!!! My bruiser! To his credit, because we are freshly potty trained, we haven't gone out much lately. Plus, Will had a schedule change, and even though it allows him to be home more, Solomon usually goes through an adjustment period when that this sort of thing happens. To add to it, Will and I both got this nasty flu that has been going around. I was layed out for 2 days with a fever and all...the topper was the migraine that came with it...lovely! The poor child has been a little neglected lately so I'm going to try and change that now that I am feeling better. At least make it out to Target or something like that. He was pounding on my sister, scratched her face, and bit her leg!!! What the heck??? He does NOT do those types of things ever!!

Can I just say that I am really happy that Survivor is on...hahaha...yes its STILL on, and I STILL love they finally brought it back to uh I HAVE to watch it!

Yikes...the bailout didn't pass. Part of me feels like this country could use a good cleansing, but it is going to be frightening...very frightening. I'm sure another version will pass though... Its crazy times people...deregulation brought us here and unless you want MORE of it, you might want to think about who you are voting for. Just for the record, John McCain is one of the biggest fans of deregulation...Again, frightening times.

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