Sunday, February 24, 2008


Solomon, in all his amazing smartness and cuteness, learned the sounds of the alphabet at about 10 months. He cannot for the life of him, figure out why some letters are also words. Tea, Pea, Bee...So I would have to say, in speaking for him, he finds the whole concept ridiculous. Perhaps that is why, when he would like tea (a favorite of his) he ask for T T T hahahaha as in the sound that the letter T makes. He does the same with pea and bee too but the tea thing just gets me everytime...he just holds up that sippie cup and says tttt tttt tttt...too cute!

Yesterday, we had a little birthday luch for me over at my Dad and Cheryls. We left Solomon with my mom...which has never happened for loads of reasons...but for some reason she agreed to help out...with lots of discussion and arguing to go along with it. I didn't even want to leave him with her. She seems unequipped...but Will convinced me that he would be ok for 3 hours. We had myu siblings and our friends, Will and KelliAnn was SOOOO fabulous. I can't tell you the last time that Will and I went out. I don't think its ever happened in almost 2 years. It was great...we got to talk with ... ADULTS!!! It was just really fun and relaxing. I know I speak for both Will and I when I say we were so hapy to get home to Solomon though...we missed him!!!!

We were both really tired but we still decided to watch a movie after Sol went down at 7. The Bible Tells Me So. If only all churchs would require this movie to be was incredible. So sad how followers of Christ forget about Jesus and his message all together. It was abotu homosexuality and the devastating role that "christians" play in their lives. Churches were rallying together holding up signs that read "God wants the faggots dead." So sad... I can't say much else about it right now. I am just really digesting the whole thing right was a must see though...

We did get into bed my 8:45 and Solomon slept until 6:51 which was great!!! I feel rested today...its lovely!

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