Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Joyful One

I feel asleep last night in a bit of sadness, grief, for people that I don't know. Will and I just prayed and cried for a loss that we found out some complete strangers across the country recently endured. I woke up feeling very renued and comforted...grateful even. Solomon and I went on a walk this gloomy misty morning and I just felt so completely happy to be his mom, to be Will's wife. We took the opportunity to pray as we walked, thanking God for the things He has given us, praying for the sadness of those around us. It was just a tender and precious hour for us...I am so glad that we got to experience it.

Ok so on Sunday I found this blogger...her blogs and videos just totally altered the course of my very sad, dark emotional day. I emailed her to tell her that. The next day I came back and read some more of her blog. She talked about dear friends of hers who lost thier daughter as she was being born. It was a terribly tragic story. I was weeping as I read it. Anyway, since then, I cannot shake these people, not that I want to. Will and I spent a good bit of time in tears and prayer last night before bed. Today I got an email from her to say that I had somehow encouraged her by my telling her how encouraged I was. It is just such a testament of Gods greatness. We are just little people in a big big world, but some times us little people are doing some great things...like altering and touching the lives of others.

Joyful...sad or not, I never really understood how to be joyful amidst such sadness or feelings of defeat. The key, though I didn't really grasp it last night, was praying for OTHERS. Today, praying for Jennie and her friends and family, turned my day into one full of joy...its truly the work of an unequivical God.

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