Monday, August 24, 2009

Need My Stash Fed...

Feed Your Stash Friday: August 21-28, 2009

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Amie said...

Im getting really excited to change Driver over to cloth and put the new babe in them from day 1! I clothed Boston for the first year and then a few months when we got to Texas but the hard water here was awful to get diapers clean...gave up before I found a good method that worked, but now we are living on base and they soften our water some so it wont be bad at all, What do you use for Shiloh?

Im going to go easy and go with prefolds and Thirstie covers for the new babe in the beginning and then use BG OS 2.0 for Driver (with some prefolds and covers for daytime) and then get some of those for the baby to grow into, heard even though they start at 8 pounds that they arent that great for newborns!

Okay I wrote a book, sorry, lol. anyway Im SOOO excited to get back into cloth, ive missed it and wish I had stuck with it for Boston and done Driver from the beginning :(