Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sea World

We went down to San Diego On Monday. My dad and Cheryl took us down there for the day. It was pretty fun. It was a little hard because you have to schedule in all the shows (dolphins, shamu, etc). and aside from that there isn't much else to do. There is the new Sesame Street Bay of Play, which was our whole reason for going there. Unfortunately, after we went to all the shows, Solomon was WAY too tired to get out and play. We got on their Abby-Cadaby starfish ride (which was their version of Disneyland's teacups) and Solomon was terrified. They actually stopped the ride in the middle because Solomon was clinging to Will and apparently the rule is "sit on your butt." We were glad they stopped it because he was bawling!!! It was super embarrassing though haha. We left at about 6, when Solomon got this bizarre second was frightening how much energy he had. We went to downtown San Diego, Little Italy, and ate at this fabulous Italian place. It was a pretty good day over all. Solomon slept VERY well that night, that's for sure! Again, we didn't get a lot of pictures due to the water factor...but we got a few.

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KelliAnn Christensen said...

I love all of your fun vacation photos!! I am glad you guys have been enjoying the sunshine and spending some time together. I can't believe how photogenic you and Will are either--no fair!