Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Not For Me

I have made a personal decesion, and then talked it over with Will, who agreed, that for us, pets just wont play a role in our household, until the poor of this world are treated better than them.

Does that make sense? I watch my mom pine over her animals, which is fine, but it makes my heart sad. She bathes them, feeds them everyday, gives them clean water, brushes their teeth, uses a blow dryer on them (I couldn't make this stuff up!) buys them rugs, washes their (disgusting) blankets (she swears we live in bismark, ND and NOT sunny southern CA) and I think of people, living near and far, going without all of that...and I mean ALL of can I rationalize bringing some sort of dog or cat in my house, when there are children that need families, homeless that need rooms to stay in, hungry people that need a meal, "the least of these" who need whatever we can offer...

I know it would really make Solomon's sweet loving heart skip a beat to have a puppy or a kitten, but I want him to really want to care for people in a way that most kids don't know how to. My hearts desire is to get to a place in my own heart, where I can have this attitude all the time, so that Solomon knows...just knows, that our job is to care for people, to impart love, peace, and mercy upon the lives of others, just like Jesus...thats what I want for my family...with my whole heart.

**NOTE: this is not a judgement on anyone with pets, or anyone who disagrees, it's just a personal conviction :)

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Corin said...

This makes so much sense. We have two chihuahuas (*oi*) and they take up A LOT of our time and energy.

Good idea thinking the pet thing through so thoroughly. I think Solomon could prosper from your decision.