Monday, August 18, 2008

A Day With Us

I have wanted to do this every since I started following Slightly Crunchy's Blog. I LOVE when she does her "Day In The Life" Posts...and now...I copy her...

Solomon, my sweet little monkey, woke up late today, 7:30. We ate oatmeal, watched Curious George, had some Bible reading time (I read mine while he looks through his Bible, a few bible-ish books, and does pretty much whatever else he wants to haha) and then we were off.

We were going to drive to Heritage Park and then walk to the library. Unfortunately it was only 9:30am and the librabry doesn't open until 10...I didn't know. Trader Joes was only about a mile or so away so we walked there to get a few things.

To our surprise,

It was a huge crain moving lots of iron beams for an even larger building, despite how little it looks in the picture.

We also got to see this awesome spider web, loaded with eggs.

On our way back to the Library, there are scattered fountains with, to our surprise, turtles in them. We did some turtle feeding. Solomon was thrilled!

We dropped off the DVD we needed to return and we were off to play at the park, finally.

The park looks like this.

These mini house are all over an island and inside there are tiny stairways, slides and all kids of fun stuff for the kids to play on. Solomon loves it because it houses just his size, designed exactly how, Im sure, he wishes all house should be designed.

Solomon really loved the big ship...that he was trying to jump out of! Stinker.

It was time to go...we were hungry.

Solomon watched this...

While I put these away. Check out that thing of blueberries!

Hypnotized while eating...



I ran the child ragged today...these items were exactly what I needed to get...

This result!

And then we rocked for a few mintues...and he was off to sleep in his crib...night night baby.

Time for Momma to eat some lunch. Yummy Trader Joes Organic Vegan Chili...Im telling you...this is awesome!

Since I am totally not a pro at this...I FORGOT that I was documenting my day in this way. So words shall be enough...

He took a random short nap...hour and a half! Boo Hiss!!! We decided to visit a very old friend, Charlene and swim for a bit. It was great to visit with her.

We came home and I layed Solomon down again at like 5:30, partly for his sanity, mostly for mine. He was just an emotional mess and he wanted some alone time. I layed on the couch and just rested because I was feeling really weak and tired and getting a pretty yucky headache. (I have sleep anxiety that sometimes keeps me from falling back so sleep once woken by some two year old that I know) My wonderful husband came home to take care of make, make dinner for Solomon and put him to bed....and the best part is he let me go to sleep at 8:30!!!! I knew I picked a good one! :)

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KelliAnn Christensen said...

What a great idea! I must say, you are an incredible mom. I can't believe all of those fun things you guys did. Good job! And yeah for bed at 8:30. :) Aahh, that would have been nice.