Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sleepy Time and Nemo Mania

Last night was a sweet yet trying one. Solomon is having a bit of trouble with him 2-year-molars. He has had a tough time with all of his teeth and these buggers, of course, seem to be no different. He woke up once at 2am begging for "dada" and a "baba" so I hand him over. Will is so willing to get up with him at night, and its a good thing, because his mama strike is lasting forever! He woke up again at 4ish asking for the same. And then at 5:30 he was crying and crying so I got up and just forced him to love me haha. We rocked for a few minutes. He was cuddling, I was loving it. I asked him if he wanted to go lay on the love seat, on the pillow there with me. It was SOOO cold so I got some blankets and we snuggled, no, crammed onto the love seat together. For those of you who don't know, Will and I have a loft bed that is 8 ft in the air, so co-sleeping has been out of the picture ever since Solomon rolled over...hence the love seat grrr. Solomon fell asleep in minutes and there I was, awake and uncomfortable for 2 hours, until he woke up. It was really nice to cuddle with him, and sleep near him. its been such a long time since he has done that. He loves his crib and he loves to have his own space. I am grateful for that. I know its hard to get a child used to their own sleeping space and its nice that he enjoys that without having to be convinced to.

The big TWO-YEAR-PARTY-EXTRAVAGANZA is coming up soon. June 28th, Solomon will be 2. I'm very thankful... we didn't give him a 1st birthday party because he was so young and we didn't have the funds. We just went as a family to the Long Beach Aquarium, which was a BLAST!

Because of Solomon's love for fish, sharks, water, boats, bubbles and of course, Finding Nemo, we decided on a Nemo/Aquarium theme. We were debating on this or Disney Cars...but since it is summer and we are going to be outside and swimming, we decided on Nemo. I am grateful that she is doing this because we really couldn't afford it right now.

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jennainthesky said...

Oh my gosh! He is so little in these pictures! SOoooo cute.