Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I want to...more

I feel really bad that I haven't recorded more of Solomon's life. He is such a big boy now and I have so little documented. I always forget. I need to take more pictures and video more of him. I keep both in my fruit bowl to help me remember... haha...doesn't work well. I will work on that from now on.

April is done with her semester...yeah for sister summer time!

I want to read more. I want to start keeping track of what I'm reading. I always feel like I have to finish something before I start something else. BUT I am reading three books right now and it doesn't feel as overwhelming as I imagined.

I want to start working out more. I need to find a babysitter. Just someone to come play with Solomon for an hour and a half or so. Any takers?

I want to start being more present and more conscious, in every area...this is how I can make a change in this world. This is my purpose.

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jennainthesky said...

My grandma used to keep a notebook every year of all the books that she would read. I think the first one is from 1940 something. She has a whole closet full of them. It was really neat to go through them all one day, just to see what she liked to read. A couple of years, she was reading over 50 books! So crazy.