Friday, May 2, 2008

In The Words of My Husband...

Deconditioning: A Process
by will
There is a difference between deconditioning and propaganda. when the people around you all are asleep and you wake someone up out of fragmentation, of "we are better", of hate, of war, that is deconditioning. propaganda is the status quo. the norm to quiet the masses.
amber and I were at disney land with my mom and solomon this past week, and we over heard on different occasions parents telling their kids, people telling people about "terrorists"..this was not a coincidence, its an integral part to the consciousness of society...if you tell someone over and over again of terror and terrorists thats propaganda. if you wake them up and realize fear is an illusion, and the powers of this world have created an illusory monster, you decondition.
if you are taught to fear and demonize the gay community because you are taught to give freedom only to people like yourself because i mean, God forbid if all people have a right to freedom under the constitution to love and solidify that love under the law of this counry. if you use (weakly) a few scriptures to pervert its intent while ignoring thousands of other verses applicable to your life. when you read the scripture in a consciousness of vendetta and contempt you will see only vendetta and contempt while blinded to internal change. always pointing the finger anywhere but inward. if you are woken up from this fragmented dream, you are awake not propagandized.
rich mullens, the author of the worship song "awesome God", who was killed in a car crash years ago said something very profound, ill paraphrase. He said to a church, you guys are into the born again thing, which is great, becaue jesus told a guy that you must be, but if you tell me I have to be in order to get into heaven, ill tell you you have to sell all of your belongings because jesus said this to another guy. But I guess thats why God created high lighters, so we can underline the parts we like and ignore the parts we dont.
brothers and sisters, deconditioning ourselves to a place of unconditonal love should be our objective and not feared. a love that knows no conditions. transcending illusory externalities. throwing away the politicising of random verses while missing the point. Seeing the good in others is very hard for me, but its also necessary for me. I have been forgiven and given much. so i should forgive and give much. without love, i have nothing. Jesus says in Revelations his followers had "abandoned the Love you had"
Some our threatened and fear Love (for others not for themselves) because they think its weak and wimpy and the other L word (liberal), in effect proverbially spitting on their Creator. Love is a dynamic force of power. Love is pervading and intense. Love is revolutionary. The "world" (by that I mean physicality and everyone who puts their faith in it) hates Love. Of course their is a time for judgement. But its about balance, and we are so out of balance with Love, we have alot of balancing to do and we are not even called to judge but only to Love.
Fear causes blockages my friends. it causes war in our hearts which causes war in our homes which causes war globally. When we realize this fear (or pride/hate etc which are all manifestations of the ego/flesh) that we say is us but is not, when we realize it is divisive, we will shine. When we realize this fear which we worship is satanic and not even real, we will learn to let go and not be defined by something we think is a part of our being but in truth does not exist. we shall be set free.

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