Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twenty Eight

Saturday morning.  Shiloh wakes from her nap.  I walk up the stairs to get her.  Will and Solomon are both napping in Solomons room.  I get Shiloh and down the stairs we go.  I see my neighbors car running and her car lights on.  "Oh she must me leaving...boy her drive way is full is snow!  Poor thing."  I start to take Shiloh into the kitchen because I am going to feed her some lunch, but then I remember that I didn't change her diaper.  I walk back into the living room and start to set up the changing pad. 


"I wonder why Lisa is knocking to borrow our snow shovel" I think.

I plop Shiloh back on my hip and open the door.

A man is standing there with a pot of tupils right in front of his face.


All of a sudden, someone pops out from behind my car and SCREAMS "surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


It is my sister, April.  The man behind the tupils is my dad!!!  And his girlfrined Cherl is behind my sister.

I bawl my eyes out, scream, freak out in every possible way!!!!

Best birthday present ever.  Happy Birthday to me...


jennainthesky said...

Yayy! :)

Cristina Elizabeth said...

Awww!! I love it :) So fabulous!

Anonymous said...

why did i get all teary eyed when i read this? honestly, one of the best days of my life!!!
love and miss you so much sister.