Saturday, January 3, 2009

Birth, Solomon's Sayings and Dun Dun Dun...The ER.

The Human Pacifier gave a heads up that 20/20 was going to be about Orgasmic Birth. At first, I was super excited but then realized that it was probably NOT going to be what I would hope for. They started off with some clips from Orgasmic Birth. They quoted the Bible verse about "having pain in childbirth" and then showed women enjoying birth, being empowered by birth, and offering their children the safest, most calm environment for bringing a child into the the world. the interviewers asked every question skeptically and I understand that, but it seems like they should have been a little more neutral. They moved on to other topics. One was breastfeeding. Personally, if Solomon still wanted to nurse (he self weaned at 13 months which totally shattered my heart...I was NOT ready!) I would still be nursing. I do not think he is too old and I would do it without a problem. There was a mother who was still nursing a Kindergartner. She said, "This is what I feel is best for my son and I would never ever push this onto someone else if they didn't want it for their child." She had nursed her other 2 children until they were 6 and those children talked fondly of it. She made an awesome point. "We use women's breasts to sell everything from beer to motorcycles...but when someone uses their breasts for what they are made for, everyone gets repulsed and offended..." Pretty profound I thought... the world average for weaning from beast feeding is age 4. If someone wants to nurse their child as long as they want, why should they have to closet that experience? Another segment was about home birthing/unassisted birthing. They seemed to make it look scary and dangerous and frightening...what happens if you actually look at the statistics??? Because home births, attended by midwives, are FAR safer than any hospital births!!! People don't educate themselves and they are fed garbage by the media and their OBGyn's so they end up with unnecessary drugs and C-sections, when that is NOT what they wanted. It is so disheartening!!! Here was the kicker for me. The interviewer read a statement from the good ol' AMA, which in my opinion needs to get a MAJOR boot in the ass, that read something like...there is another human being involved and they have a right to be in a safe environment [hospital] when they come into the world.... WHAT!?!?!?! First of all, the AMA is pretty much the biggest funder of abortions...and NOW they want to give the babies rights??? But a few hours BEFORE labor started, they were all for women's rights...but when it comes to giving birth, they are for the OBGyn/Hospital to erase the rights of women... I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Women need to know their rights. They need to know that they have the right to make choices for themselves and their child. Maybe they don't care? That's a different story...just as sad...but every woman has the right to have the birth her and her child deserve...

Whew...ok that is my soapbox moment.

Solomon has been cracking us up lately. He is TOO much!!! He seems to have an ear for the "bad words" that I don't really want my toddler saying. Those darn Pixar movies say too many "shut ups," "stupids," and the like. We have been working on talking kindly lately because when we tell him that those aren't the kindest of words, he, of course, wants to repeat them over and over ha. He doesn't mean them in the way they are intended to be used but it still doesn't sound nice. Anyway...aside from that....he has the funniest sense of humor!! Here are some funny sayings as of late.

*Will told Solomon that he needed to ask me something..."Hmmm, that would be necessary daddy."

*My mom said, "Solomon, what is in Mommy's tummy?" He said, "Um some babies."

*He was trying to get Will to listen to me and he said, "DADDY FOCUS!!!"

*This isn't that cute as much as a little stinkerish but its kinda funny. When he is frustrated he puts his hand up in my face and says "Don't talk to me like that Momma!"

*When I ask him to do something and he feels that he is doing something more important he puts up one finger and holds it up to me and says "Just a second Mommy, Im real real busy!"

There is another one...but there is a story...a sad story...that involves the ER and Solomon...and um my fault ha.

On Tuesday night, Solomon was in his jammies and was cuddling with me on the couch. He decided he was all done cuddling with me so he went to get down and I was holding his right hand and blanket with my left hand. He kinda rolled off of me and plopped to the floor...and started screaming bloody murder. I jumped up and was asking him what was wrong and where his "owie" was. He was saying his arm and was freaking out if I would even touch him. I screamed for Will and he came running. He started palpating his arm and Solomon was just beside himself in pain. Will said he was sure his elbow was dislocated. He tried to to get it back into place but because he was screaming so loud Will decided that we needed to get it X-rayed. We couldn't get a shirt on him, much less in his carseat, so Will held him (because of course he didn't want me [heartbreak]) and I drove. We got there and waited and Solomon didn't move. If Will tried to adjust his position at all he started freaking out. They finally took him back for X-rays and of course I couldn't go in with him so I sat outside in tears (did I mention I had been crying from the moment this happened???) while Solomon SCREAMED everytime he was touched by the tech. They were in there forever and finally Will and Solomon came out and Will said, "Its not dislocated anymore...the Xray positioning put it back in place!!!" And Solomon was moving his arm all around saying "Look I can move my arm now." I was SO relieved!!!! Finally my little buddy was back! He proceeding to tell everyone in the ER, "I just know everything!" haha. We had to wait for another hour for the Dr to discharge us and say that he was fine, which we already knew. It was a LONG night and a sad one, but it turned out fine. It was heartbreaking and I felt horrible but the ER Dr said that he sees TONS of kids a week for the same thing because the ligament doesn't calcify until about age 3. SO now Im scared to touch the little squirmer :)

Our friends, Paul and Jenna got married on Friday...which is another post. And the move is in 3 days!!! So it is really late and this is the only time I have to blog...cause we are SUPER busy finishing up all of our packing. I probably wont be writing again until we are PA residents...until then...


KelliAnn Christensen said...

I thought that 20/20 show would be interesting to watch, but I was afraid it would be biased. I so much agree with you about women's rights, and it is very frustrating to think about how they are so often usurped by "higher powers." sigh. Solomon is too funny; I love his little sayings. I am so sorry to hear about your ER experience. I am sure you were devastated. I had no idea a dislocated elbow is so common. I am glad he is better now.

Corin said...

Amen on the 20/20. I knew it would be pretty biased. The thing that really got me was the MALE "developemental phychologist" saying that prolonged breastfeeding was damaging to children! HA! What does HE know about breastfeeding????!

So glad Solomon is okay. That would be so scary and sad and horrible!