Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am nearing the end of my 26th week of did this happen. My ass is huge but my stomach is still pretty small. I just have what looks like a fat gut...hurray...jsut what I have alwasy wanted.

Life is still chaos. We are still living primarily out of boxes. We jsut put all of our Ikea furniture together and are hoping that this weekend will produce some order...I said SOME...

We are happy. It is freezeing, but having out own place is pretty much the greatest thing EVER!!! I love it. I'm terrified of driving in this weather but I am working on it!!! :)

Thats about all I have time for...still no internet folks...sorry...I miss you all tons!!! BUT I did get a new I can atleast be in communication in SOME way!!! xoxo


Corin said...

Wow! 26 weeks, congrats! I'm glad you'll have some time to settle down this weekend. Take care!

KelliAnn Christensen said...

Amber, I have been wondering about you and meaning to call, but I know what a pain it is to unpack and stuff, and I didn't want to call you in the middle of crazy time. Is your number still the same, or do you have a PA one? Let me know! (Ours are still the same as of yet.)